Under The Weather

I haven’t felt great since Wednesday. Wednesday night I had a bit of a cough that carried over to Thursday. The cough disappeared by Friday but then I had a bit of a headache which carried over to an even bigger headache this morning.

The good news is that as I type this blog up the headache appears to be gone as does the chest cold. I think the headache might have been a bit of caffeine withdrawal. I didn’t drink any coffee Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. 😀

I’ve had 2 strong Atkins days in a row so I should be entering induction at any minute if I am not already in Ketosis.

Weight Statistics


A nice little dip after my first day of Atkins.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger patty and cheese

Lunch – Broiled chicken and salad

Dinner – Broiled chicken and salad

Snack – Cheese and chicken

Calories – 1400

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1400

Back to my standard Atkins meal plan. I’m starting out with chicken for two meals. I just couldn’t stomach tuna yet and I am not sure I will ever like scrambled eggs again. 😛

Biking Update

I skipped my ride because I wasn’t feeling great last night. I did however get a ride in today. Even though I felt bad until about 5pm, I forced myself up to the levee because I did not want to go a whole week without a ride. More on that ride tomorrow. 😛

Tip Of The Day


Eat less, move more, measure everything, read labels, log everything and get support.  Now that I have told you the secrets to weight loss, please make your payment to my account on Paypal in the amount of $49.00. 😀

That’s it. Piece of cake. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t mention cake. 😀

No matter what diet plan you choose, you will need to eat less and move more. You don’t need to kill yourself with exercise. Anyone that has read my blog knows I advocate taking exercise very very very very slowly but at some point you do need to move more.

In order to be sure that you are eating less, you need to measure everything and read all the labels. A journal helps you track your progress and support is key to success in pretty much everything in life.

Don’t forget the $49.00. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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