Good Times!

Wow! The water weight continues to crash off. On Sunday, I weighed in at 179.9. This morning, I weighed in at 170.9. Nine pounds in 5 days.  I’m excited for a couple of reasons, but I am really excited to see that I can drop weight while eating carbs which didn’t seem to be the case the first time I tried maintenance.

Weight Statistics


I would love to break back under the 170 barrier tomorrow but that might be asking too much after dropping 9 pounds in 5 days.

I am headed over to my dad’s house tomorrow to watch the LSU game. Hopefully he won’t have any evil snack food around. Things could get ugly over there depending on what food he has in the house. 😀

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Tuna with salad,  1 piece of cake (yum)

I had a piece of cake at my church meeting, but it could have been much worse with about 12 uneaten pieces. The cookie monster portion of my brain reallllllly tried to take control but I was able to stick to just one piece even though I really wanted about 9 more. 😛

Calories – 1499

Biking – 472

Net Calories – 1027

Biking Update

Normally, I do not ride on Thursday. I haven’t gone on a Thursday bike ride since I switched my “always off” day from Wednesday to Thursday.

I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to head out into the cool sunrise for a nice ride.

The cool morning made for an almost perfect ride. The only thing that messed it up a bit were all the darn bug bouncing off my face. It was too dark to pop my sunglasses on so bugs kept slamming into my eyes and face. 😛

Cooler temperatures appear to be here for good (fingers crossed) so I should be able to get back to 20 mile rides and 4 to 5 rides a week.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Tip Of The Day

I had a great tip up there when I started the blog but now that I am down here I can’t remember it. 😛

Pictures and Measurements

Make sure you have plenty of before pictures and make sure you measure your waist, arms and thighs. Why? Because even when you stall on the scale you could be losing fat and replacing it with leaner muscle if you work out.

I had some long plateaus when I started riding my bike, but I am sure I lost fat in my legs and replaced it with muscle. It would have been real nice to see the tale of the tape measure when the scale was refusing to move, so make sure you take some measurements and update them weekly or maybe every two weeks.  Seeing the measurements move down will give you a nice boost as will the before after pictures.

I love heading over to Optifastloser’s site to see his before after shots. He does them every week and he shows his first week next to the current week. Amazing stuff. His link is over there to the right in my blog roll. Give him a visit and tell him what a great job he is doing.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man


Better Day!

I did much better on Wednesday than Tuesday. The munchies didn’t turn me into Mr. Hyde and I had a pretty good night tonight too so I get a nice gold star.

Weight Statistics


I’m down 6 pound from my peak on Sunday morning but I am still 9 pounds off my low. I need to have  a good weekend without any nonsense cheating.  I might need to hide in the BUNKER. My dad wants me to come over for lunch and watch the LSU game with him but I really want to get back below 170 before I put myself in temptation’s way.

I really should hunker down in hermit mode in the bunker. 😀

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Tuna fish with salad

Dinner – Turkey with cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Red beans and rice with sausage

Calories – 1250

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1250

I am running out of food again and need to hit Walmart in the next few days. I think I am going to stick with carbs as long as I continue to lose some weight this weekend.

My blood pressure has been just fine even with the MUCH higher sodium intake. I was eating about 1200 mgs a day for most of my diet and now I am up to 2500 mgs.  As long as my blood pressure continues to be well within the good range, I may add some jalapenos back to the menu which would be great. I actually keep hitting lower blood pressure numbers. I know the machines at walmart stink but my BO was 111/77 earlier down from 172/110 back before I started the diet. 😀

Biking Update

My legs were tired after 20 miles on Monday and 10 miles on Tuesday so I took Wednesday off. I woke up REALLY early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep and I noticed it was a very nice 70 degrees outside so I broke my rule about Thursday always being a day off. More on that tomorrow.

The sky looked something like that at about 6:45 am this morning. I really loved being able to ride in cool weather. I know, pretty soon I will be making excises about the cold weather. 😛


Yup, it is that time again.

For the eleventy billionth time,  someone told me that I shouldn’t be doing such an unhealthy fad diet like Atkins.

I just mentioned my blood pressure was better but I can feel my blood pumping through my veins when people tell me I lost 150 pounds the wrong way or the unhealthy way.

PLEASE PEOPLE, update your knowledge. ALL ALL ALL recent studies show that on average people on Atkins end up with lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol.  The science behind the reason for better blood work is pretty clear and easy to understand.

What the heck constitutes a fad diet? The low carb diet has been around for almost 20 years.  20 years constitutes more than enough time to no longer call it a fad.

As I have posted on the site before,  a liberal Stanford University professor, also a Vegan, did an excellent study which pretty much proved the benefits of low carb OVER low-calorie or higher carb diets and heck, he didn’t even make the test subjects go into induction which would have produced even better numbers.

Please quit telling me I lost 150 pounds the wrong way and please quit calling proven science a fad. I am not forcing or even advocating the plan for anyone but it sure helped me. 😀

Oh and quit telling me that weight loss MUST be accompanied by heavy exercise. That really Grinds My Gears. 😀

Tip Of The Day

Based on the above rant, you need to thoroughly research different diet plans and settle down on the one you think you can stick to the longest.  I really mean it. Thoroughly investigate each diet plan you might want to try. Don’t just go to one site and decide said plan is not for you.

Yes, I prefer Atkins. I was very rarely ever hungry and I was never as hungry as I have been since I switched back to carbs but that might just be my body and the way in reacts to carbs. You may be different.

You aren’t locked into one plan. If it isn’t working or you feel you simply can not stick to it, then try something else. 😀

Pick a diet you like and can stick to and then don’t listen to the naysayers. Well, unless you choose the Junk Food Diet. 😀

Have a Happy Dieting Weekend, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man





Mr Hyde

Chalk another win up for Mr. Hyde. I was having a great day and early evening but once again the late evening was mauled by the appearance of Mr. Hyde. The scale responded appropriately this morning.

Weight Statistics


I knew I was going to get smacked by the scale this morning and it didn’t disappoint. My caloric intake was a bit high but I think it is once again mainly water so I should dip down again tomorrow. Maybe not, I didn’t ride today.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Beef Shish Kabob with onions, peppers and tomatoes. Roasted green beans. Yummy dinner. Thanks Margaret & Pat!

Snack – Late night red beans and rice insanity!

Calories – 2500

Biking – 473

Net Calories – 2027

About 9pm the wheels fell off and I went all Mr Hyde on the fridge. 😛

Biking Update

I did an early ride and it was HOT.  I really haven’t been able to figure out the wind lately. It seems to be hitting me no matter which direction I ride.  It hasn’t beat me up too badly but it also hasn’t aided me any.

My legs were a bit wobbly after the 20 mile ride on Monday.  I was a tad weaker than on the Monday ride.

I might try another 20 mile ride on Saturday because the temp is supposed to be a high of 80. Woot. Hopefully we will say goodbye to the 90s for good.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Tip Of The Day

I’m going to steal a few tips from my friend over at TestingTrueChange. There is a link to his blog over there on the right side of the page and below.

1. Positivity-I have found that being positive is so important towards living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  When I approach a situation with positivity rather than doubt or negativity I find it to be much more fulfilling.  Rather than think of losing weight as a long drawn out process, I saw it as an opportunity to become healthier as well as play sports in a better way.

2. Forgiving Myself-Yes, I make mistakes and plenty of them!  This whole weekend can attest to that.  But, the main thing I remind myself is that I can always start new the next day.  This journey is not a competition with anyone and especially not with myself.  I don’t let health become a competition.  I try to let fitness and even running times be a competition but not weight loss or general health.

3. Consistency-To go along with that last point, an incredibly important factor in this journey has been the ability to stay consistent.  If I make a mistake I just get right back to what I was doing before.  I try to be consistent so both my brain and body know what to expect and how to react.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Just a great post and he is so right. Those really are strong keys to continued success and they mirror what I have had to endure the last few weeks of maintenance. I’ve had to stay positive as that stinking scale moved up, and I have had to forgive myself for a few blunders and I need to get back to the consistent behavior that helped me drop 150 pounds.

Great post.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man


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Much Better!

I’m in a much better mood today which would make me about GrumpyCon 5.  When I was up to 179.7, I was at GrumpyCon 1 and in total panic mode. A couple of huge losses later and I am feeling pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

A couple of days later, I have dropped over 6 pounds and I am feeling much better. Wow. Just amazing how much water weight a person can put on eating the wrong carbs loaded with sodium. It will definitely be a while before I head back to the Chinese buffet. Mmmm Chinese buffet…… 😛

Weight Statistics


I think the big drop today will be the last quick drop. Hopefully the scale will keep moving down. I would love to see some continued downward movement while eating carbs. Maybe I won’t have to head back into Atkins.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Oatmeal, wasabi peas, half a cheese sandwich

Calories – 1450

Biking – 963 BOOM!

Net Calories – 487

Biking Update


The weather is a tiny bit cooler lately. I think it was about 90 when I headed out for my ride yesterday. I can definitely feel a cooler breeze coming off the river so at least the breeze is nice when it catches the coolness from the river.

I think it has been a couple of months since my last 20 mile ride and I decided to try one out yesterday. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to make it 20 miles. I figured I would turn around before hitting the 10 mile marker but I didn’t.  I made it the whole 20 miles.

After a two month break, I figured I would probably need to build back to 20, so I was surprised how easily I completed the ride.

I am not sure I am ready to add the 20 mile ride back into my weekly routine until the temp dips to the mid 80s on a regular basis.

No that isn’t me, but the funny thing is that I was looking for a biking picture and sure enough I found a picture of my levee with the Army Corps building in the background. My turnaround spot for the 20 mile ride is in the opposite direction of the rider at the end of the Corps building.

Army Corps Building – 20 Miles




Tip Of The Day

Venting Frustration

Even when your own mistakes cause a gain, it is important to have an outlet to vent frustration.  If you don’t vent those toxic feelings, they will eventually lead to a diet disaster.

I vent here in my blog and I also vent on a weight loss thread on a LSU football site. It is very helpful to vent out those negative emotions while getting positive feedback from your online friends.

Make sure you have a place to vent with people who understand what you are going through. It really can make the difference between continuing your diet or tossing in the towel.

I know I constantly talk about support but it is one of the most important keys to a successful diet and finding the spot to get that support is up at the top of the list.

I get great support from you guys and the weight loss bunch on the LSU site. If you aren’t sure where to find some online weight loss buddies, try the forums on  That is a great site for storing weight loss info, so I bet they have a pretty active forum.

Rage when you need to……it is important you get those feeling out and keep the positive energy flowing.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man

Night & Day

The difference between my hunger during the day and during the night is like the difference between night and day.

I have no problem during daylight hours then by 8pm, I become a raving lunatic.

There is definitely a Jekyll / Hyde thing going on. 😀

I need to force myself to eat dinner a little bit later. Maybe around 7pm unless I am going out.

Weight Statistics


Mega water drop. I was all the way up to 179 yesterday and today I was back down to 176.7 and I think I will have another good dip down tomorrow. I dropped 3 pounds. Dang water weight. 😛

I had a great eating day yesterday and a great day so far tonight as long as I can keep Mr. Hyde from appearing.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal Peaches & Cream

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Plain oatmeal and wasabi peas

Calories – 1275

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1275

I used the last flavored oatmeal packet yesterday and now I am using the plain oatmeal with a few splenda packets which is about 3 carbs as opposed to 30 carbs. I’m not sure where those 30 carbs are hidden because the 3 packets of splenda make the oatmeal taste sweeter than the flavored oatmeal with the exception of the maple flavor.

The plain oatmeal is also a good bit lower in sodium.

Biking Update 

I was a bit lazy yesterday and couldn’t force myself out. I put my biking gear on and then took it off. Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler. I did have a pretty solid ride today. Tune in tomorrow for the details.

Tip Of The Day

Beware sodium

Just look at what happened after my taco bell incident and the Chinese buffet. I gained about 8 pounds which is impossible. I didn’t eat 8 pounds of food or calories but somehow the scale shot up to the moon.

Sodium can keep that scale moving in the wrong direction so try to cut back a bit. I’ve been trying out a higher sodium level and it simply is not working for me so I am back into lower sodium mode and once I get back into Atkins, I will get back to my really low sodium mode.

Beware the evils of sodium. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man











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