Quickie Post!

After my bad night Friday, I needed to have a good day yesterday which I did. It was a good day and a better night with my LSU Tigers whipping up on those Ducks from that weak Pac-Who Cares league. Ha, yes that was a shot in your direction Beth. 😛

The Real winners of the 2003 MNC! 😀

Weight Statistics


Slight dip in the weight which I actually did not expect because I figured the sodium from the Taco Bell Meltdown would hang around a few days.

2 pounds from my low point. Hope to hit it soon but I am not sure It will happen this week. I know I said I wasn’t going to cheat again for at least a week, but if the weather clears up tomorrow, I might see if my sister wants to head out for lunch.  Continued miserable weather is my only hope.  I need to take her for her Birthday lunch a month late, so tomorrow is the day if the weather lets up.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger Patty and cheese

Lunch – Burger patty salad and cheese

Dinner – Burger Patty and cheese

Snack – Cheese

Calories – 1110

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1110

Yeah. I over did it yesterday with the cheese. Another reason I am surprised I dropped any weight with all that extra sodium. Too much cheese and too many burger patties but I was out of everything and it was storming outside. No other options.

I did get to Walmart today so my meal plan will be back to normal starting tomorrow.

Storm Update

Really wasn’t too bad. I expected more rain and higher winds, but thankfully it appears to have passed without much damage near me.

Biking Update

Suspended until TS Lee is gone.

Tip Of The Day

I broke one of my rules. I shopped hungry. Don’t ever go grocery shopping hungry.

I am still battling the pizza craving that won’t go away so I actually reached into the freezer and pulled out a pizza twice. Thankfully the only remaining frozen pizzas were junk so I headed to the deli to get a fresh pizza. 😀

The pickings were slim there too. Cheese pizza or a GIANT card table sized monstrosity. I thought about that giant for a bit before the rational side of my brain finally regained control. On the way home, I almost lost control again as I passed Rally’s (fast food burger joint), then Popeye’s, then Subway, then McDonald’s, then Domino’s.

Somehow I made it home without a disaster.

Don’t shop hungry ever. It will lead to a disaster more often than not.

Happy Dieting and Labor Day!!! 😀

See you tomorrow



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