Tire Troubles!

Biking Update

If you read everyday, you know I had an unexplained (gnomes!) flat tire on Saturday. I really hate to Walmart on the weekends, but I forced myself there last night. Unfortunately, I purchased the wrong size tube.  My bike has tubes measured in metrics and I picked up a 27 inch tube which appeared to be way to big.

This morning I returned the tube and bought a 700x 35/42c tube. Guess what? It was about the same size as the tube I returned so I guess the fact that it is a little too big isn’t a problem.

Sure enough I was able to fit the whole thing inside the tire. My first mistake was filling the tire completely before putting it on the bike. It wouldn’t fit in between the brakes so I had to let the air out, slide it in and then fill the tire. Then the brakes were too tight. At this point I almost tossed in the towel because I only had about an hour of daylight left.

I remembered how I promised I would ride today unless a hurricane formed over my apartment, so I messed around with the brakes a bit and headed out for a ride. More on the ride tomorrow.

One big problem is the darn heat continues even as sunset hits earlier and earlier. I can’t wait until the heat mellows out a bit because it becomes mosquitoville at 7:10 now so I have to be on the levee right around 6pm..  The temperature should begin to drop a little bit within the next couple of weeks. Or at least I HOPE it will.

Weight Statistics


Another bounce up even though I had a pretty good day yesterday. I think it was probably sodium from Saturday still filling me up with water. It should start to drop tomorrow after my ride today.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Hamburger patty and cheese

Lunch – Chicken and salad

Dinner – Chicken and salad

Snack – Cheese, fruit bar. 😛

I know I know. I said I could go a year without Ice Cream but that is the whole evil of carbs, they make you crave more. Believe me a few coconut bars is far better than what I planned to get when I entered the frozen food aisle. Baby steps. 😀

Calories – 1500

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1500

Tip  Of The Day

This is a guest tip of the day brought to you from my friend Aaron. He lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for several years. I asked him how the heck he did it because maintenance has been so hard for me.

1. Small plates.  Small plates help you eat smaller portions and there is an actual psychological effect at play. I may try this more often.

2.Taking a break in the middle of the meal. This is a good idea too. I think many of us have a problem knowing when to stop eating. Our body releases a chemical that tells you that you are full and taking a break gives the chemical time to signal your body that it has eaten enough. Interesting tip, not sure I have the willpower to stop mid meal.

3. Exercise.  I told him that I have been slacking lately because of the heat. He works out about 3 times a week at a fitness club. If I ever find a job, I plan to join a club to start getting my body in better shape. I lost the weight, now I need to tone my body.

4. Spirituality. Ask god everyday to help you with your endeavors. I do this one already.

5. Food journal – a hammer this tip all the time.

6. Weigh yourself daily. This is a very important part of maintenance because your weight can move back up pretty darn fast and you want to catch the increase early. I know some people like to weigh weekly or even monthly, but once on maintenance I think daily becomes important.

7.Drink lots of water. I hammer this tip often. I drink at least 128 ounces a day without having to force myself.

8. He avoided sugar and white carbs. Hmmm, this may be tough for me. I was hoping to add some carbs back into my diet. 😛

Thanks for the tips Aaron.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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