I think I have definitely proven that moving from Atkins to a normal carb intake will always cause a pretty big spike up in weight regardless of calories.

I had a good calorie day yesterday 1200 but I gained over two pounds. 😛

Weight Statistics


After only 1,200 calories I really wasn’t expecting a spike up after just one day of carbs but the same thing happened last time.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Instant banana and cream oatmeal

Lunch – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Dinner – Red beans and rice with sausage

Snack – Wasabi peas and cheese

I don’t see much up there to gain 2 pounds!!! I must have held on to every drop of water all day to go up two pounds. Grrr!

Day 1 of my second attempt at maintenance went no better than last time and I cut the portions in half from last time for the rice, beans and sausage.

I really hope the scale stays still tomorrow but I didn’t ride yesterday or today and I had more calories today. 😛

Biking Update

I never ride on Thursday. Good thing is was my day off because the wind was really blowing yesterday. It would have been a miserable ride.

Tip Of The Day

I always try to talk about the tip I used or really needed on the day I write my blog. Right now I just need a big dose of patience mixed with a little positive thinking. 😀

You need to stay positive which is not always easy when you eat 1200 calories and GAIN 2 pounds. 😛

Still, I need to realize I am doing what I should be doing and eventually the scale will start moving in the right direction.

Stay positive and have a great weekend!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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