Blame it on the rain!


Biking Update

I didn’t get a ride done yesterday but it wasn’t my fault for a change. Actually the weather wasn’t to blame either.  I had my helmet on and was slipping on my bike gloves when my dad called and needed me to come over and help fix one of the seats in his minivan.

When I got home, it was dark and raining.  It is a good thing he called me because I waited too late to head out and I would have been in the middle of a dark lightning rainstorm. 😀

I’ll blame in on the rain another day. 😀

Weight Statistics


The scale dipped slightly down today. At least it didn’t go up. I’m hoping it starts creeping back down.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Blueberry instant oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans and sausage with rice

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Wasabi peas and red beans

Calories – 1,500

Biking -0

Net Calories – 1,500


I’m very slowly getting used to eating a lower calorie carb diet, but it is definitely much harder than eating low cal Atkins. I need to put together a good week without cheats but I haven’t been able to do that lately.  I had a good day today so I am expecting a drop tomorrow or the scale might not make it through the day in one piece.

Non Diet Tip Of The Day

Just so you know, your anti-virus program is not enough. You also need a good anti-spyware program and even with great programs you can still get hammered by a virus or spyware.

Make sure you have a copy of malwarebytes on your computer and bookmark  Those guys at can help immensely but make sure you follow their rules or they won’t respond to your post.

Eset Online scan is a pretty darn good free online anti-virus scanner that I use when my computer gets sick.

No computer is safe and there isn’t a program out there that protects you 100% because evil people are creating new garbage to plague our computers. I run McAfee antivirus but it is garbage and it is a MASSIVE resource hog for my old computer. I only use it because it is both an antivirus and firewall. Oh and it is free from my internet provider.

Nod32 is a good antivirus and I think Kaspersky has the best or almost the best anti-virus. Malwarebytes seems to be about the best anti-spyware at the moment.

Essentially I use a big pile of programs when my computer is ill.

I run RKILL, TDSS Killer, Malwarebytes, Eset Online Scan, Hitman Pro, McAfee,  and as a LAST RESORT when nothing else works, Combofix.

Diet Tip Of The Day


I can’t talk enough about support.  It is tremendously important on a diet and the best support comes from other people on a diet. That is not to say friends and family can’t help, but people going through the same misery help a bit more. 😀

Most of you know this which is why you are reading this page. 😀

This isn’t my only support and in fact I didn’t start this blog  until almost 1 year into my diet.  My main online support actually came from a LSU Football site that started a diet thread which is still going strong today.

Find a source of support either online or with self-help groups. It can really make the difference on those tough days when you really need to blow off some steam. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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