Lazy Post Wednesday

I’m late getting to my blog so I will make this one a bit short and maybe not too sweet. 😛

Weight Statistics


Another slight dip which had me grumpy for most of the day. I didn’t eat much yesterday and I got up on the levee so I was expecting a nice drop which didn’t happen.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Instant oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans with sausage and rice

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – Oatmeal. cheese

Calories – 1200

Biking  – 473

Net Calories – 727

The scale should have been much nicer to me this morning based on the above information. Tomorrow the scale is going to be quite cross with me and I am thinking of a preemptive strike against the scale tonight. 😛

Biking Update 

I had a nice ride Tuesday night.  The river temperature has dropped. If the wind blows just right, it picks up a nice chill from the river. Overall, the temperature is starting to drop which makes the ride much easier and I won’t have to wait until right before dark for much longer.

Road Marker 410 – 10 miles

Tip Of The Day

Beware Snacks!

I’ve been eating wasabi peas lately as a snack and even with the can in the pantry, my hand keeps finding its way into the can of peas. My hand seems to have a brain of its own and that brain appears to be under the mind control of this guy.

I have been violating one of my major rules for snacks. Never have snacks that you love to eat because the temptation will be too much to control.  I think there are 10 portions per can and that can hasn’t lasted close to 10 days, ever.

Snacks should be something you can stomach but not something you love to eat unless it is low low low in calories and very healthy. I guess some people out there love celery sticks. I don’t know what is wrong with them but they probably exist. 😀

Be careful with snacks. I need to get back to string cheese. I like it but don’t like it enough to eat more than my normal portion.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




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