Fresh Start!

I am in desperate need of a ……

One cheat after the next after the next after the next has my weight so high I refuse to even type it in here. I’ll start up again tomorrow and hopefully some of the massive water I have packed on will drop off by my weigh-in tomorrow.

Weight Statistics


I decided I have been using the carb excuse as an excuse to eat anything I want and blame the carbs.  The bad news is I hit that darn Chinese Buffet but the good news is I can wait a long time before going back.  😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Instant oatmeal – Peaches & Cream flavor

Lunch – Chinese Buffet

Dinner – None

Snack – Red beans and rice

Calories – 2500+

Biking – 320

Net Calories – No idea because I have no idea what the real count would be for the buffet

I tried to skip dinner and snacks, but around 12am I went into cookie monster mode and dove into the red beans and rice.

Biking Update

Three rides this week. (2) ten-mile rides and (1) six-mile ride. I couldn’t get a 10 mile ride done yesterday because I waited too long to hit the levee and it was dark by the time I got home from the 6.5 mile ride. I would have been swarmed by mosquitoes if I had tried for 10. Three rides is better than none but I would like to get back to at least 4 per week. Bad start on that today. 😛

Tip Of The Day!

Sometimes you have to just wipe that slate clean and start from scratch. I’ve been doing a lousy job of maintenance so far. Both attempts have ended in GIANT gains. I can’t jump back into Atkins yet but once I clear out my current meal plan, I will head back to Atkins.

Guilt over cheating can lead to more cheating and more guilt and more cheating and stress and more guilt with stress and cheating. 😀

You get the picture so to break the cycle just wipe that slate clean, forgive yourself for being human and get back to work. I’ve had a great eating day today and I will carry that over to tomorrow.

I need to quit blaming carbs and take back control of my willpower. That devil on my shoulder needs to go jump in the lake and I need to listen a bit more to the angel on the other shoulder. 😀

Happy Dieting, have a great week, see you tomorrow





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  1. accepting reality and faceing the truth is painful but necessary to stop the binging cycle. you have again taken the first step! I will be praying that you can separate the fears from reality and move forward. Hang On Peace Exists! (HOPE!)

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