Holding Pattern

I seem to be stuck in a holding pattern at the moment. I can’t seem to get the scale moving in the right direction because I keep eating too much. 😛

I was dying for ice cream tonight but I was able to pass Winn Dixie without going in for some ice cream so I get bonus points for that but I had negative points accumulated from my Taco Bell Festival and then a little trip to Popeye’s yesterday. 😦

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal (the day started out right)

Lunch – Nothing ( I was running around and one thing led to the next and I had no lunch)

Dinner – Popeye’s chicken with red beans and biscuits

Snacks – None

Calories – 1800 +

Biking – None

Net Calories – 1800 +

Not a terrible calorie day, but not good either and of course the pile of sodium from Popeye’s kept my weight up.

Weight Statistics


I hit Popeye’s because I was unable to get to Wal-Mart on Monday and I had no rations at home so BOOM, Popeye’s.  I did get to the market today so I am fully stocked again. I really thought about going back to Atkins but at the last second I decided I need to get the hang of carbs again so I am going to try one more meal plan with carbs. If I don’t get back down to 170 by the time I run out of supplies, I will definitely hit Atkins next meal plan.

Biking Update

I really wanted to get out there Monday afternoon, but my batteries were on low. I just didn’t have any spare energy so I took a day off.

Tip Of The Day

I think I have proven that one should never run completely out of provisions because it gives one the excuse to head out for fast food or other bad alternatives.

Make sure you always have supplies stocked up so you don’t have an excuse to make poor decisions.

I’m all loaded up again and I won’t wait until I am 100% out of everything before my next trip to the store.


Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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