Ouch! I ate something that didn’t agree with me yesterday. I had a stomach ache for most of the day and then it really kicked into gear last night. I think I finally fell asleep around 4 or 5 am.

I felt better when I woke up so I am back at 100% but I sure felt terrible yesterday.

Weight Statistics


I had a nice unexpected dip this morning.  I ate too much yesterday even with the stomach ache and I had a bit too much sodium. One would think a nice turkey sandwich wouldn’t be too bad, but one would be wrong. Processed turkey with a slice of cheese on wheat bread with mustard runs you about 1000 mgs of sodium.

With the high sodium and higher than normal calorie count, I was sure the scale would move up, but it moved down. I’m a bit leery that it will rebound tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal, blueberries and cream flavor

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Turkey and cheese on wheat with salad

Snack – oatmeal, red beans and rice, turkey sandwich

Calories – 1800

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1800

Biking Update

No ride. I take Thursdays off pretty much every week. Even if it wasn’t my day off, I wouldn’t have gone out with the whole stomach ache problem.

Tip Of The Day

Get More Active

This is a tip I need to follow better.

I don’t mean exercise. I mean get out of the house or apartment and get moving more. Instead of the movies, hit the zoo or a museum. Find a fun activity that involves walking and less sitting. 😀

I need to do this myself. I need to get more active.

Just be careful that you stay away from temptations you can’t resist. The funnel cake at a state fair for example. 😛

Don’t use the walking at a fair as an excuse to hit up the fried snickers bars. 😛

Get more active but make absolutely sure you can resist any temptations if you hit up some state fairs or festivals. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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