Finding Balance

I’m back on the tightrope that is eating carbs. I’ve put some water weight back on but I haven’t experienced the out of control hunger from my first couple of attempts at carbs.

Weight Statistics


The scale did move up on me a little this morning but I had a bit of a higher than normal sodium day yesterday so I was expecting a bit of a hiccup this morning.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and rice

Lunch – Two boiled blue crabs and two tamales

Dinner  – Red beans and rice with sausage

Snack – Oatmeal, turkey sandwich with salad

Calories – 1872

Biking – 472

Net Calories – 1400

A few more calories than I really wanted to eat but my sister forced some crabs and tamales on me. 😛

I think she is worried I am not eating enough. 😛

I’m sure the crabs were loaded with salt so I am not upset with the gain today because of the extra sodium I consumed yesterday.

Biking Update

It was windy but not too bad yesterday.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

I had a pretty good week last week. 4 rides for 40 miles. I would like to get back to 1 twenty-mile ride each week but the wind has been pushing that idea to the back burner.

Overall, I had a great diet and exercise week. No cheats last week with 4 rides.

I would be nice to have 2 great weeks in a row. 😛

Tip Of The Day

Stop Rewarding Yourself With Food!

I bring this up again because I am watching an episode of Biggest Loser and one of the guys is talking about how he thinks he should be able to reward himself with food at night after a hard day.


The guy has been there for over 10 weeks. You would think he would have learned the flaw in the food reward by now. Especially considering his weight loss has taken a big stall even though he is still around 300 pounds.

Burn 600 calories and then eat 1200??? That is not a reward. That is one step forward and two steps backwards. 😛

A cheat now and then is fine but it is a CHEAT, not a reward. We have to get out of the mindset that food is a reward or a comfort when times are tough.

Hopefully, the guy on Loser gets out of that mindset, but I don’t think he was buying what Jillian was selling.

I buy it. A huge key to long-term success is to get rid of the food reward and comfort mindset. Truth.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man



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  1. My friend and I are meeting twice a week for weight loss support and food rewards is the one thing I was thinking about this week in relation to food that is a problem with me. The reward part isn’t the worst for me… Food can also be a punishment. Not a healthy attitude. Thank you for touching on this issue.

    • I’ve actually done a pretty good job of not using punishment in this diet. If I cheat, I just get back to work. I don’t say cut my calories in half the next day or eat a rice cake. 😀

      There have been a few times I started to REWARD myself for reaching certain goals, then stopped myself because I need to remove that behavior from my mindset for good.

  2. Sooo true!!! You can’t reward yourself with food. No bueno! Won’t work… that’s not a reward, it’s self sabotage. No thanks. I’ll stick to my Vans tennis shoes because I won’t be putting those in my mouth for anything! 🙂

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