Ruh Roh!

I went at the red beans like Scooby at a box of Scooby Snacks. I was doing just fine most of the day but I couldn’t sleep last night. All the sleep I did Monday and Tuesday getting over my nose problems, had me wide awake last night.

Along with being wide awake, I was also starving to death. I ended up going full cookie monster on the red beans and rice.

Weight Statistics


A big bounce today but I was expecting that from all of the beans and rice I devoured last night. I’ve had a much better day today……to this point. 😛

The problem is all that additional sodium could hit me hard on the scale tomorrow too. 😦

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Red beans and rice with sausage

2nd Dinner – Turkey on wheat with salad

Snacks – Red beans and rice with sausage, oatmeal

Calories – 3,100

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 3,100

I definitely went more than  a little cookie monster crazy last night. I blame the nose infection. Don’t they say to feed a fever? 😀

The fever was most definitely fed. 😛

Biking Update

I wasn’t at 100% so I skipped the ride yesterday and today. Even though I always take Thursday off, I might ride tomorrow.

Tip Of The Day

After a bad night, you need to shake it off and get back to work. Do not let your brain convince you that you already screwed up last night so one more bad night won’t hurt.

We’ve all used that mentality in the past and it usually ended up with days going by without any dietary control.

Don’t let one bad meal turn into several days of bad meals. Just shake off the bad meal and get back to work.

I went a bit cuckoo for cocoa-puffs last night.

Woke up this morning and got back to work doing the things I need to do to get back down to my goal weight.

I had a good day eating and tomorrow I should get back to doing a little exercise.

Don’t let one meal stretch out into several which can also be the end of your diet. Just shake it off and get back to work. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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