Not A Fan Of October







Quick Snapshot

Biking Update

I’m not sure which month had the strongest winds. In May, I had only been riding for a month and a half so my legs weren’t as strong as they are now.  I think the strongest wind took place a few days ago but maybe May was worse overall.

I knew I was going to be watching football and eating pizza today, so I made sure I got out there on the levee yesterday.

Road Marker 420 – 10 Miles

Not a very good week. Only two rides for approx 16.5 miles. I was sick and not feeling great for most of the week so I do have a little bit of an excuse.

Weight Statistics


Not sure I believe that reading. I think the scale is messing with my head. 😀

I really was expecting a higher reading today.

I will get clubbed in the head by the scale tomorrow. I’ve been watching football and eating spinach dip, pizza and cookies with my sister.  My arm is sore from her bending my arm behind my back to force me to eat that junk. 😛

Back to Atkins tomorrow and back to the levee.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger patty with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken

Dinner – Baked chicken and salad

Snack – Oatmeal

Calories – 1276

Biking – 466

Net Calories – 810

I had a real good day on Saturday in preparation for the planned cheat today. 😀


Tip Of The Day

Planned Cheats vs Unplanned Cheats

Both need to be rare.

When I started this diet, I told myself that one thing I would do differently is that I wouldn’t punish myself for planned cheats. I also wouldn’t avoid celebrations or family visits.  I would try to slightly moderate my eating at those special events but I wouldn’t pout in the corner eating a celery stick.

I think this really has been a key to my success this time. I am not depriving myself 100% of the time. This alleviates a lot of the mental stress and anxiety caused by a diet.  Knowing you can cheat from time to time really takes the pressure off.

Unplanned cheats aren’t good. We really need to limit these. I knew I was going to a pizza party today, so I really needed to behave until the party. I didn’t. I had the Taco Bell Meltdown Friday night.

This was just a lousy weekend. Usually, I am able to keep my cheats to 1 time on the weekends. This weekend I slipped up a bit.

You need to keep those unplanned cheats to the minimum and don’t go crazy with Planned Cheats. Use those when you start to feel the cracks forming in the diet. I know I’ll do better this week. I’m so full I may never eat again. Well, at least not until I’m hungry again. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man

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