New Push – Day 3

Atkins is starting to kick in. I wasn’t nearly as hungry yesterday as I was on Tuesday. Only a tiny dip on the scale today but after losing 3 pounds Tuesday, I can’t complain too much…some…but not too much. 😀

I assume most of the 10 pound weight gain was water. I did have a couple of cheats but really only 2 pounds could be fat gain. The other 8 has to be water so it should come off pretty fast.

Weight Statistics


Six pounds from my low. I bet I can get there in 7 days or less as long as I can navigate the LSU/Bama game without any hiccups. 😛

The big battle between good and evil could cause some super stress this weekend.

I definitely need to avoid stress eating from now until the end of the weekend. Eek!

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger patty and cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken and salad

Dinner – Baked chicken and salad

Snack – Burger patty and cheese, baked chicken

Calories – 1800

Biking – None

Net Calories – 1800

Ha! No wonder I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t realize I ate that much. Whoops. Forgot about the late late late night piece of chicken. I need to cut that out. 😛

I’m already out of burgers so I will be eating chicken and tuna until it runs out. Blurp! I still can’t get excited about tuna and the thought of going back to eggs makes my stomach turn. Hmmm.  I have added a little more sodium into my diet so maybe scrambled eggs with a little salt might be more palatable. I might actually dump the tuna next time I go to the store.

Biking Update

After two days in a row, I decided to take Wednesday off. I had zero motivation to get up on that stinking levee.  I did decide to violate my always off Thursday. I will ride today because I want 4 rides this week and I know I won’t get near the bike on Saturday.

Tip Of The Day

None. 😛

I want some guest tips today so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….. Leave a comment with a tip or trick you use on your diet. I want to hear from you today. 😀

Best tipster will get a super honorable mention tomorrow.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I don’t know how you eat the same thing day after day. I know it can happen. It has lately with me and it is making me nuts. I would think adding some varitey to your menu might help …. throw the tuna to the WIND!

    Even changing the spices will help me sometimes not lose my mind.

    • I don’t ever get sick of the burger and cheese. Tuna, I get sick of it all the time.

      Chicken, I am starting to get sick of chicken.

      That is why I keep leaving Atkins and going back to carbs.

      My new plan it to lose about 10 more pounds below my low so that when I go back to carbs the water weight puts me around my goal weight.

      If I don’t cheat, I think I can get close to this goal by T-Giving. Then I can go back on a normal diet.

      IN THEORY. 😀

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