Late Night Victory Edition

I’m still waiting for my heart to come back down to a normal heartbeat. 😀

LSU wins with a 9-6 score in a game that kept my heart rate higher than a 20 mile ride on the levee.

Short post tonight because I am worn out.

Weight Statistics


I dropped a little more of the water weight off. I am now below the starting weight of 167.7 in the competition with OpitfastLoser. I may need to check that weight. I think that was the starting weight but not sure.

Yup. Just checked. I was 167.7 on October 19th, then dropped to 163.5 before spiking back up to 173 when I moved back to Carbs.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Jenni O turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Bacon and eggs with cheese

Snack – Turkey bacon, turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1423

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1423

Menu shakeup. Walmart must be battling several distributors over prices because they haven’t had Sriracha in 5 weeks. The preformed burgers I buy have been absent for 2 weeks.

With no burgers, I decided to go crazy and try some turkey burgers. Yum. They actually tasted pretty good.

The scrambled eggs were only ok. Not terrible, but I know I won’t like them very long. With some tabasco, cheese and a little Tony C, they were palatable.

Biking Update

It didn’t happen. I just couldn’t get motivated to get up on the levee yesterday.

Tip Of The Day

My mother said, I need to give you ladies and gents more tips. I keep repeating myself. I explained to her that there really are only about 20 diet tips. 😀

If you go to about 30 sites for tips, they will all have the same tips for the most part along with pushing a certain type of diet which I try to refrain from doing too often.


You need to find a mindless activity that you can jump to immediately when you are about to crack from hunger.

Video games can actually be pretty effective.  Not everyone likes to do this or has a video game system but it really can be very good to distract you long enough for hunger to subside.

Most Exercising health nuts would tell you to go exercise when hungry but most of the time that simply makes you even hungrier.

Netflix helps me when I am about to crack. I head over and watch a few episodes of some tv shows and usually the hunger disappears.

Reading works for some people,  but not me. I can’t concentrate or stay focused on the story if I am really hungry.

In advance, find an activity that can help you distract your brain when you are hungry. Heck, simply goofing off on the net can be a pretty good distraction.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man






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  1. Congrats on LSU win. And weight drop.

  2. My tip for ladies – paint your nails. You can’t eat with wet nails

    • Hilarious – and true!

  3. Ha. Nice tip.

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