100% Monday

Not a very good Monday. All sorts of bad news within the family unit today. Hopefully things will get better but it looks like it could be an ugly week. 😦

Weight Statistics


A nice unexpected dip down today. Now just 3 pounds from my low.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Bacon and eggs with cheese

Dinner – Turkey burger with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, cheese sticks

Calories – 1200

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1200

I went a little overboard with the turkey burgers. Once I cook a bunch, it is too easy to grab one anytime I am near the kitchen. 😛

Biking Update

No ride. I needed to be near the phone so a ride wasn’t possible on Sunday. Plus I fell asleep on the couch and it was way longer than a normal nap. Went to sleep and woke up and it was late late late.

Tip Of The Day

I know I mentioned it recently, but I like to bring up tips and things to watch out for as they affect me.

Super stressed at the moment.

Don’t use stress as an excuse to pig out. It may give some BRIEF comfort but once you are done eating the GUILT will kick in and the stress will still be there.

Hitting Taco Bell right now would be nice….for about 10 minutes and then I would feel ill for eating too much and then I would feel guilty for cheating.

It isn’t worth it.

You need to find other ways to relieve stress.

Here is a link to 25 ways to reduce stress.


I think I’ll hit the Xbox for a bit to relieve a little of the jitters.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man



Crashing To A Halt

The weight loss came crashing to a halt and stalled today. In fact, I gained  a tiny amount. Probably a result of some late night eating and too many calories.  I need to get up to the levee for a good long ride on Monday to get things moving again.

Yawn! I’ve been sleeping off and on all day because I was up super late last night and the time change always knocks my body clock out of sync for a few days.

Weight Statistics


Looks like all the water weight is gone so the easy weight loss is over. I need to keep my calories lower and I need to get more consistent with my exercise to lose more weight and put some pressure on Shonnie and OptifastLoser in the Big T-Giving Competition.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Turkey burgers and cheese

Lunch – Bacon and eggs with cheese

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Cheese sticks, Turkey burger with cheese, baked chicken

Calories – 2,000

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 2000

The LSU game had me all wound up so I couldn’t get to sleep until super late last night. I was super hungry and the evil side of my brain wanted to hit up some fast.  Instead of heading out, I chowed down on some Atkins approved food. Better than hitting Taco Bell but the calorie and sodium count were too high.

It also appears that those darn turkey burgers are going to be a problem. They taste too darn good so I am going to have an extremely tough time keeping to my portion limit.

Biking Update

No ride on Saturday. I just couldn’t seem to get the energy or motivation to head out for a ride.

I wanted to head out for 4 rides last week, but only got out for 3 rides for a total of 30 miles. Hopefully, I can get 4 rides done this week.

Tip Of The Day

Be sure you are drinking enough water. Your body needs water to burn off and convert fat to energy so make sure you drink you 64 ounces a day.

I am not a huge fan of water. I did drink nothing but water for about the first 9 months of my diet. Then I started drinking some coffee and then some zero calorie crystal light type drinks.

Some people are worried that coffee can lead to stalls in your weight loss. Maybe true for some people but I’ve dropped an additional 70 pounds since I started drinking coffee.

Whatever you decide to drink, make sure it is low-calorie and low carb. Stop drinking those sugary death bombs. I used to drink a TON TON TON of coke.  In 20 months, I have cheated plenty of times, but I still haven’t had a coke since I started my diet. It would probably taste like syrup.

Drink your water and make sure you stay away from sugar bombs.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

PS: I posted this last night and it showed up on my FB page but it didn’t show up on WordPress until this morning. Not sure what happened. WordPress has been a bit buggy the last couple of days.

The Grumpy Man

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