Last Minute Update

Not much to report today.

I’ve been watching football for two days. That means I’ve been a total couch potato.

Weight Statistics


Same old same old. No change this morning. Thankfully the huge sodium festival from TBell didn’t add any additional 2nd day weight.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch –  Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Bacon and eggs

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, cheese sticks

Calories – 1650

Biking – 0

Net calories – 1650

Biking Update

The time change is still wrecking havoc on my biking schedule on the weekends. I keep waiting too long to ride because I am watching football.  I might need to shift to morning rides on the weekend.

Terrible bike week. Only one ride last week. 😦

I did have 3 days of legitimate excuses, but I still need to do better than 1 ride.

Tip Of The Day


Get a good night of rest. 😛

Actually this is a real tip. You need to get a certain amount of sleep or I am sure your body doesn’t burn as much and remove as much waste from the old body.  I am fairly certain, I almost never lose weight on nights I have insomnia.

So make sure you get a good night of rest. I’m off for sleep now.



The Grumpy Man

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