Computer Malfunction!

I couldn’t post last night. My computer went all pear shaped.  The internet went out and I spent several hours trying to figure out why.

All 4 lights on the modem were green so it didn’t appear to be a modem problem.  I thought maybe the router was dead, so I hooked the modem straight to the computer, turned everything off and rebooted. Nope.

Virus? I ran a few virus checks which lasted until late in the night. Nope.

This morning my plan was to hook up an old computer to the internet to see if the modem was really working. I figured maybe the networking card blew out and that was the problem and if I could get the net on the old computer it would signal a problem with the card.

But, before I could set everything up, the internet came back to life. I’m stumped. In the past, 100% of the time, if the net was out, the green lights were out on the modem. I don’t have the faintest idea why the net was out or why it came back on…..

Weight Statistics

Tuesday Weigh-In


I was still stuck on the plateau Monday. Not sure I can blame a plateau. I’ve been eating too much and not riding the bike.  The Weight Loss Fairy isn’t going to make the weight disappear. I need to eat less and move more. 😀

This Morning


That loss surprised me a bit. I’ve been eating everything that isn’t nailed down. I have kept below my carb count so I should be in ketosis so that helped burn some fat even though I’ve been eating too much.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burgers with cheese

Lunch – Chicken with salad

Dinner – Turkey burger with cheese

Snack – Cheese, bacon

Calories – 1800

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1800

I need to stop eating 1800 calories or I need to get back on the levee for a bike ride.

Biking Update

No rides. I had a real excuse again yesterday. Another little family crisis and I needed to be near home base and near a phone. Everything is fine today so I have ZERO excuses. Unless my legs fall off, I need to get up on that levee today.

My allergies appear to be better. They didn’t bother me yesterday although my nose is a bit itchy today. I don’t care. As I said, I am up on that levee unless my legs fall off.

Tip Of The Day

What to do when on a plateau?

There are several schools of thought on this issue and I have tried many things over the last 20 months.

1.Shock The System with MORE calories. The theory is that your body has gone into famine mode so you need a few meals with major calories to convince the body you are fine.  This might work, but it will also put additional weight on your body. It may take you longer to lose the weight from the increased calories than it would have taken to break off the plateau.

I’ve used the shock the system method, and it always felt like it was just an excuse to pig out and it usually took a week to lose the weight gained from the SHOCK.

2. Deficit Calories.  Maybe you are eating too many calories and you aren’t really on a plateau. You need to analyze your calorie count and figure out the caloric deficit. It takes 3500 calories to burn a pound. Don’t expect the weight to drop off without a decent deficit intake.

3.More Exercise.  Get the metabolism moving with extra exercise. This can be tough if you aren’t eating much and you are already exercising. Just remember, you might not even be on a plateau if you are already exercising a lot. You might be putting on heavier muscle while taking off fat.  The scale remains the same or even goes up a bit even though you are getting healthier. Just keep that in mind if you just started exercising a lot.

4. Do Nothing.  Sometimes, you can do everything right and the weight still refuses to budge. I am not sure what causes this or how to fix it other than to stay strong and keep doing what worked. Eventually the scale will move again in the right direction.

This is the time when you really need to vent frustration. When you are doing everything right, but the scale refuses to move. Don’t give in to that frustration. Keep plugging away and that scale WILL drop.

Or magic weight fairies can take the weight off even when you aren’t doing anything right, like they did for me last night. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man

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  1. hahaha! Love me some magic weight loss fairies — send me some. Congrats on the dip. 😀

    Waiting to hear about the bike ride. Jealous. I wanna go today it is so pretty out. I went for a walk instead.

    • No ride for me today because it is my Always Off Thursday plus the wind is really insane. I think it is steady at about 20 to 25 mph at the moment.

      It is a beautiful day here. If it wasn’t so darn windy it would be perfect biking weather.

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