Unexplained Mysteries


I had a great day yesterday. I had a nice low calorie day with a nice 10 mile ride on the levee.  The unexplained mystery? The stupid scale went up over a pound. 😛

Weight Statistics


I was expecting a dip down and instead I got a jump up. Not happy. I’m on full grumpycon 1. I’m not sure how I gain over a pound on 1100 calories and a bike ride.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Bacon and eggs

Lunch – Bacon and eggs

Dinner – Tuna and salad

Snack – Bacon, cheese

Calories – 1100

Biking – 466

Net Calories – 634

As you can see, I loaded up on bacon and eggs.  I’m out of everything else. I need to hit Walmart tonight.

Down to the last week of the big T-Giving Challenge. Shonnie destroyed me. I started at 167.7 and here I sit only 1 pound lighter one month later. 😦

I was at least hoping to break the 150s barrier. All I really wanted to do was get to 159 before T-Giving. I need a major falling off the cliff weight loss burn to reach that goal now. 😛

Biking Update

I did everything I could to procrastinate and hide from the levee yesterday. I actually waited too late. I was all ready to toss in the towel but I promised  I would head up to the levee unless my legs fell off so off I went.

It was a bit dark by the time I got home and the bugs were out in full force. It was windy as usual but at least the wind aided me in one direction.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Tip Of The  Day

Dealing with frustration is the most important aspect of a successful diet. We tend to get frustrated and toss in the towel.  We get the enough is enough mentality and the diet ends so managing your frustration level is very important.

venting is very important. I preach it over and over and over and over and over and over and over…. and over…. and over…… because it is in my mind one of the main keys to success.

BUT… you need to vent to the right people in the right place.  Venting with friends and family is ok but unless they really know what you are going through, they aren’t the best help when you are cracking.

I’ve been using a weight loss thread on a sports site for over a year to vent frustration. We have a nice group of guys and gals who offer support, jokes and some good-natured ribbing to help ease the frustration.

Smashing the scale would be nice but I can’t buy a new scale every time the weight inexplicably jumps up. I can however vent my frustration here and in a couple other sites and receive the needed encouragement to continue on.

Make sure you have several good places to vent frustration when the scale stalls or moves up. Super important and cheaper than smashing your scale.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man

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