2 Days To Go!

I’m not sure when Shonnie or Ed are weighing-in but I am waiting until the last-minute which will be Thursday morning.

Shonnie has this one in the bag unless I amputate a leg…hmmmmmm.

But…. I still want to get back to my low if I can, before the big T-Giving feast.

This sure has been a crazy month.

Optifastloser wanted to start a challenge to get his weight loss effort back in gear so I joined in at 167.7,

I was on Atkins at the time and immediately dropped to 163.5 at which time I went back to low-calorie carbs. BOOM! I shot up to 173 over the next ten days and then the rest of the month has been the struggle to get back to my low of 163.5.

Weight Statistics


I need to drop 1.5 in 2 days to get back to my low. 😀

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger and cheese

Lunch – Bacon and eggs with cheese

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Chicken, cheese

Calories – 1581

Biking – 351

Net Calories – 1230

Yesterday, I mentioned the hidden carbs might have been messing with my Ketosis and I did some math.

3 large coffees with 2 sweet and low apiece and coffee mate adds up to 12 carbs.  I’m not sure if that is enough to knock me out of Ketosis but it is possible. Also possible, I was never in Ketosis because I was eating too many carbs.

I only had one coffee with the vanilla coffee mate today and I did measure out my serving. Darn carbs killed my chance of winning the T-Giving challenge. 😛

Biking Update

Two days in a row. I did get back up on the levee yesterday but I waited until 4:30 which means it was dark and a bug fest by the time I got home. I cut the ride short and still didn’t make it back before the bugs came out.

6.5 Miles

Tip Of The Day

I will be going crazy on the T-Giving buffet but I know many of you will be striving to behave over thanksgiving. Here are a few tips.

1. Eat breakfast. I know sometimes I think I might as well skip the calories when  I know I might pig out later but starving yourself will almost always lead to no self-control once you are around the T-Giving food. So have a nice breakfast.

2. Stay away from the tables with dip and other evil goodies. Out of sight, out of mind. Just don’t even get near them. (I will be breaking this tip often on Thursday)

3. Portion control. Here is the key to your success. Plenty of turkey and salad and just a tiny dollop of stuffing or yams. It is fine to load up on veggies as long as they aren’t covered in cheese or some evil sauce. You can have some of the evil food just keep the portions small.

4.Avoid the dessert table and the rolls or bread.

5. Afternoon walk. Get out and take a little walk to burn a little off.

6. Avoid leftovers. If you are hosting, give away as much as you can.

Those tips can help you get through Thursday. If you make a few mistakes don’t kick yourself. It is a holiday and meant to be enjoyed. Just get back to the diet on Friday.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man


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  1. I didn’t make it to my clinic weigh in today, but I did weigh and I was down to 167.4 and the clinic usually weighs me less …. so I am pretty excited about that.

  2. oh and don’t be cuttin’ your leg off just to win. I have been starving and having my own issues. You know how long I have sat flatlined at 185ish…4 months I was DUE! hehe 🙂

  3. Hope you have a great thanksgiving! Well done with the losses 🙂

    • Happy T-Giving to you. I will be eating a house tomorrow, but I will be right back at the diet hard to lose that gain. 😀

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