Happy Turkey Day Eve

I probably won’t post tomorrow so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Good luck to those striving to behave and for those who aren’t, make sure you get back to work on the diet on Friday. Either way, I hope you have a great day on Thursday.

Weight Statistics


I was hoping for a bigger dip this morning but at least I am back under my goal weight. Shonnie was the clear victor in the T-Giving Challenge. I lost about 4 pounds, Ed about 3 and Shonnie approximately 19. WTH! Yup she crushed us.

But…..Now we move to the Xmas challenge. 😀

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burgers with cheese

Lunch – Turkey burger with cheese

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – chicken, cheese

Calories – 1675

Biking – 479

Net Calories – 1196

I went a little nuts with the turkey burgers. I love those things.

Biking Update

Just in time for T-Giving, three days in a row….gobble gobble.

Road Marker 411 -10 miles

It was a touch warm and once again, broken record, I waited until the last-minute which means it was a bug fest on the way home. I need to get a ride done on Saturday to make it 4 times for the week which hasn’t happened in ages.

Tip Of The Day

Enjoy Thanksgiving. Don’t stress out over your diet for one day. Just do the best you can and if you have a mishap, get back to work on Friday. 😀

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow….maybe




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