Back On Track…

I finally got back to the diet on Sunday and had my eating under control. I know some of the 10 pounds I gained had to be water and sure enough I dropped 1.5 this morning. I chowed down a TON of sodium with the dips and fast food trips which caused a big water spike.

I had a stressful Sunday and Monday. My brain did attempt to convince me of the inherent health benefits of a shrimp poboy but I was able to shrug that idea off.

My dad had some chest pains so he was in the hospital on Sunday and Monday. They didn’t find anything wrong so he was released this evening. ๐Ÿ˜€

Weight Statistics


It would be nice to drop a little more water tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Bacon, cheese sticks

Calories – 1050

Biking – Nope

Net calories – 1050

I was out of everything so I hit up Walmart for a batch of Atkins food. Turkey burgers. Yum!

Jenni-O actually owes Biggest Loser some kudos for getting me to try those turkey burgers which I now like more than normal burgers.

Biking Update

It was rainy and cold Saturday and Sunday plus I had no chance on Sunday. By the time I got home from the hospital it was dark. I didn’t get out there today for about the same reason.

Tip Of The Day

Refresher Course!

1. Weigh yourself at least once a week to see if your plan is working.

2. Measure everything.

3.Read all labels.

4. Keep a food and weight journal. There is a link on the right to That is a great site to store all of your weight, exercise and food information.

5.Exercise but DO NOT GO OVERBOARD. Better to do NONE than to do too much and burn out.

6. Always have a list when grocery shopping and never shop hungry. You need to get in and out as quickly as possible.

7. Use small dinner plates. A full small plate can actually fool your brain. into thinking you are eating a nice big meal.

8. Find a place to vent anger and frustration and seek support. ย Start your own blog or find a good weight loss forum. A forum is probably a better place to vent some steam and get good support.

9. When eating ย out, steer your friends and family to healthy restaurants and make sure you try to find the menu online and pick the best option. Don’t touch the menu once at the restaurant. Stick to the choice you made at home.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. ๐Ÿ˜€

There will be plenty of ups and downs. The key is getting back up after each time you fall down. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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