Almost There…..

My scale was almost as crazy as Charlie Sheen this morning. I jumped on and lo and behold I was 5 pounds lighter than yesterday.  I knew that was impossible so I cleared out the weight and tried again and I was down 1 pound not 5.  First time, I’ve had a huge faulty reading like that. I tried again and got the same 1 pound loss reading.

The 5 pounds would have been nice but 1 pound puts me just 1 pound from my pre-Thanksgiving meal weight. 9 down with 1 to go and I will have made up the T-Giving damage.

Weight Statistics


I need to lose 11 pounds and I’m done. Once I get to 155, I’ll start eating carbs again which should bring me up to about 165 which is my carb eating goal. Atkins is a natural diuretic and once I start eating carbs again, I put on about 10 pounds of water REAL fast. It has happened 3 times when I hit the 165 mark and ate carbs for a week or more so this time I am getting down to 155 and then going back to carbs. Hopefully, my weight will stabilize at 165 and I can just stick with maintenance.

I hope to stick around 165 eating carbs but just in case, 175 is my panic number to head back to Atkins induction.

More Sodium Info & Yesterday’s Menu

Some people have pointed out that I should stop eating bacon and cheese to cut my sodium.  It is true that bacon and cheese have a decent amount of sodium BUT….. I don’t use any salt.

Let’s take a look at my meals yesterday and their sodium content

Breakfast – turkey burger (260mg) cheese (250)

Lunch – chicken (108) mayo (90) coleslaw (20) sriracha (100)

Dinner – bacon (285) cheese (250) eggs (195)

Snack – cheese stick (140) chicken (108)

Total Calories – 1456

Total Sodium – 1806

If I added salt to my meals, I would be in trouble but the only time I add any additional sodium is using the sriracha for the salad dressing.

One tip, out of all of the hot sauces, Tabasco is much lower in sodium per tsp. It has only 35mgs of sodium whereas most other hot sauces have at least 100 or more. I use Tabasco sometimes but I like the flavor of sriracha more.

The RDA for sodium is about 2500. It used to be 3500 but they have dropped the number closer to the European standard. For older people or people with blood pressure issues, 1500 is recommended but very hard to hit unless all of your food is fresh with no processed food.

I used to eat an insane level of sodium. I would used processed food, then dump Tony C’s on it, then dump hot sauce on it and then sometimes dump jalapeno slices on top of it. I imagine some days I had well over 6k if not higher so I am quite happy keeping it around 2500 or less on a regular basis.

Biking Update

Bad news on the biking front. I need to get out there tomorrow or I will have gone the whole week without a ride. I don’t have any excuses because it is supposed to warm up tomorrow and Sunday.

Tip Of The Day

Get out and do something fun this weekend that has nothing to do with eating. Preferably something that has you walking about. Fairs and festivals can be fun and they keep you walking but stay away from the bad food that said fairs have in abundance.

Museums and Zoos are also good ideas for some entertainment with walking. Find a way to combine a little walking exercise with some nice entertainment.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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