Almost There……

Weight Statistics

323/164.6/165 (155)

Another little dip. After losing 10 pounds in a week, I am sure I am due for a stall soon. I hope to get to my low of 163.5 before I stall out. Almost there. I just need to keep from cheating this week and I should easily hit 163.5.

My brain is bugging me for a cheat but I want to at least make it to the weekend before planning a cheat.

I might pick up some BBQ brisket from Hillbilly BBQ, If I don’t use the sauce that would be a good cheat with no real damage to Atkins.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Bacon and Eggs with cheese

Lunch – Chicken

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Cheese sticks

Calories – 1280

Biking – Ha!

Net Calories – 1280

I’m running out of supplies so my calories are taking a bit of a dip because I haven’t felt like heading to Walmart yet. 😛

Biking Update

No laughing matter. 😛

Not a great start to the week. I didn’t even think about a ride on Sunday. Out of sight and out of mind.  No excuses because the weather has been fairly warm for this time of year so I should have been out there yesterday.

Tip Of The Day

End Of Diet Motivation

It can be real tough to stay motivated when you near your goal. I’m under 10 pounds from my final goal after almost 2 years of hard work and it has been almost impossible to stay motivated to get those last 10 off.

In my case, I am actually at my final goal weight but I want to eat carbs so I need to lose an extra 10 so that when I leave Atkins, the water weight I gain back should in theory stabilize around 165.

I’ve come this far so I might as well finish the project but it is very easy to lose motivation at the end of a diet.

The true test will come once I hit my final goal and then I attempt to eat like a normal human being again. 😀

I know how easy it can be to slip right back into old habits which never die. They are always hiding and waiting for the chance to return. 😛

I don’t actually have any tips on staying motivated at this point. 😛

9 pounds isn’t going to be enough to drop another clothing size, plus I plan to gain it right back when I switch to carbs. I think for me that is the key problem. I’m losing weight that I know will be replaced with water as soon as I move out of ketosis. It is hard to stay motivated to lose weight you are going to gain back.

Of course the alternative is to move back to carbs now, but the 3 times I have done that have resulted in my weight heading up to the 175-180 range so I need to get back to the levee and get rid of the last 9 pounds and move into permanent maintenance.

I guess the key motivating factor is that it would be silly to come this far and get off the bus a few miles from the correct exit. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man


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  1. Totally understand how you feel. I am there — no motivation. I am so close I can taste it. The problem is — I have to get off my diet before I head to Alaska — so guess who will be back here again — DIETING! YUCK!

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