I’m sleepy so there won’t be much tonight. I didn’t sleep much last night because of the job news excitement. I think I had about 2 hours maximum. Woke up at 5:45 and was at work by 7:15.

Tonight it should be pretty easy to sleep. 😀

Waking up at 5:45am is going to take an adjustment. 😛

Weight Statistics


I dipped down but I think I will bounce back up tomorrow. The company bought us lunch today. 😛

Oh, there were DONUTS everywhere today but I was able to hide from them but I did chow down on some great lunch. Calories probably weren’t too bad but the sodium will get me tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Turkey burger with cheese

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Chicken, turkey burger

Calories -1585

Biking – Nope

Net Calories – 1585

Exercise Update

I might not need to buy an exercycle. I think my step dad said there is one in the garage. I need to check it out and maybe move it to my apartment so I can get a little exercise without heading outdoors. 😀

Tip Of The Day

Don’t eat donuts! That’s all I got tonight. 😛

From what I heard, they have donuts every Friday at my office and when people come int for conferences which sounds like Donuts Donuts Donuts, all the time.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.




The Grumpy Man

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