I haven’t figured out lunch yet so thus far I have been skipping it. Tomorrow is catered free lunch day, so I will not be skipping tomorrow. 😀

This weekend I will try to figure out a low carb easy to make lunch and I’ll head to Wal-Mart to get those groceries.

Weight Statistics


Woot! I demanded a drop to 166 and the scale actually listened to me. Hopefully I drop a little  more tomorrow morning. I would like to get back to 165 before my big lunch and subsequent increase in the scale :P.

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken

Snack – Bacon, cheese

Calories – 1280

Tip Of The Day

How does one go about choosing a diet plan?

Over the years, I have tried just about everything. Low calorie and low-fat. Insanely low-calorie and low-fat. Low carb. Slimfast. Lean cuisine. All sorts of different flavor of the month diets.

You need to pick a diet that has some real science behind it and a diet with plenty of support groups filled with people who have actually lost weight and maintained their loss.

In other words, you need to do some research online. That shouldn’t be a problem because you are already reading a diet blog online. 😛

Don’t pick a plan that sounds horrible to you. You need to pick the least onerous diet possible. For me that was Atkins but for you it could be something else.

If you don’t think you can stick to it or if it will be too hard to keep it up, then you need to find a different plan.

Don’t forget to factor everything into your decision. I can’t stand cleaning the kitchen so I have to be able to make big batches of food so I can go several days without cooking.

Money can also be a major factor in choosing your diet. Some diets are cheaper than others.  Some require more frequent trips to the store. Make sure you really think about every step of your diet from the grocery list all the way to the house keeping.

The pick the plan that you really think you can stick to and get to work. 😀

And nothing is set in stone. If the plan isn’t working, there is nothing to stop you from trying something else. 😛



The Grumpy Man

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  1. Can’t wait to hear how lunch goes for you. Hope it is Fantastic and healthy too. 😀

    YEA GRUMPY for the dip!!

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