Beware Grazing!


I’ve heard that eating just a handful or two of various snacks each time you pass the kitchen doesn’t hurt your diet.  😛

I wish!

I’ve been able to avoid the sweets on the “Free For All” table but today the salty snack got me.

Someone dropped off a tin of pecans. Some were unsalted, salted, covered in chocolate and covered in sugar.  I am defenseless against salty nuts. I did plenty of grazing today as I passed the kitchen.  Yum! They were great. I avoided the sugar ones, but the plain and salted got my attention.

Grazing is bad. Those calories add up. It is best to just avoid the grazing all together because once you take that first handful, you can’t stop.

No grazing!

Weight Statistics


I doubt I will lose anything tomorrow. That grazing will probably come back to haunt me. Just in time for the big Christmas lunch tomorrow.

This is a full blown holiday exemption. I’m going to eat whatever I want tomorrow. 😀

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burgers with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, GRAZING Pecans

Calories – 1600

I should have avoided the salted pecans. They might actually cause a gain tomorrow because of all that salt. 😛 and UPS have me Grumpy tonight. I ordered a gift card which I though would be mailed to my mailbox but I had a note on my door yesterday that they needed a signature.

I know this is probably the safest best way to mail gift cards but HOW THE HECK am I supposed to get it?

I don’t get home until after 6pm and If I tell them to leave it against the door someone will take it.

I can pick it up but the package center closes at 6pm! I raced there after work but a TRAIN kept me from getting there before closing time.  I think they are open on Saturday but only crazy people leave their homes and head out into the Christmas Eve traffic. 😀

That appears to be my only option so I am on full GrumpyCon1!

To get back into the Christmas spirit, I have loaded up Scrooged.

I still have a long list of movies and shows to watch before Christmas:


2.Year Without Santa Claus


4.The one with Burgermesiter Meisterburger – I think it is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

5.Love Actually.

6.Bad Santa

7.It’s a Wonderful Life – I always watch this Xmas Eve.

8.A Christmas Story – I watch this off and on all day Christmas.

I’ve already watched Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Elf.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man

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  1. Grazing is the worst! I have been so horrible about it. You are absolutely right; don’t even take that first bite. I also find it helpful to eat a low fat high protein snack right around the time I’m most tempted to graze. I’ve been eating 80 calorie string cheese sticks instead of chips and stuff lately.

    • Yup! It is impossible to stop with just one handful. I’ve been snacking on string cheese for years now. I do sometimes mix it up with the Sargento pepper jack cheese sticks.

  2. Grazing while cooking has been hurting me. I tell myself I can make candied walnuts or chocolate cranberry bars, to give as gifts or take to work or prepare ahead for holiday dinners. I may be able to avoid having a whole bar or cookie, but when you count all the licked spoons and testings before and after cooking, the calories really add up!

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