Houston, We have a problem!

I need NASA to repair my willpower which totally crumbled the last two days.

The Thursday office lunch was a full sanctioned planned cheat although I went a bit overboard with the various sweets and the scale was brutal this morning.

As usual, I had a major jump up. Almost 5 pounds. Wth!

Weight Statistics


The turkey, ham and various dressings were heavy on the salt so I was expecting a big hike up this morning NOT 5 pounds though.

The good news is that some of that gain should drop off because it is water weight. The bad news is that there were LEFTOVERS.  😛

Looks like I am going to have 4 bad days in a row with Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I might be able to get through tomorrow with minor damage but Christmas will cause the scale to soar even higher.

I can’t tell you my menu. The Men In Black have erased my memory of the last 48 hours. 😛

Tip Of The Day

Do as I say, not as I do. 😛

Head for the bunker and hide until Christmas season is over. 😀

If you can’t behave just make sure, YOU ARE BACK AT IT ON THE 26th. 😀

If I don’t see you before Christmas, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Happy Dieting

The Grumpy Man

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