Requiem For A Scale……

Oh boy!

After 4 days of feasting, the scale was not happy. I stepped on it this morning and it exploded.

Weight Statistics


Thursday – 167.2

Friday – 171.6

Saturday – 175.6

Sunday – 176.4

Monday – 180.8

Holy smokes! Almost 14 pounds heavier than last Thursday morning. Yeah, I know a good chunk of that is water but I am sure a good bit is real weight gain.

I actually thought I did a little better than Thanksgiving but the scale begs to differ. Oh well, back to work.

It will take me a few days to  get back into Atkins. I’ve been starving all day today even though I had a decent amount to eat. I will behave New Years Eve but I am going to have my annual black-eyed peas and rice for good luck on New Years.

I am hoping the weight starts coming off tomorrow but it is possible I have some extra sodium to flush out before the weight starts moving down.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Chicken with salad

Dinner – Chicken

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1750

My  body is screaming for more carbs. After 4 days of going crazy on carbs, my body wants to continue the party.

Tip Of The Day

Someone on another site was talking about hanging their head low in shame for all the food they ate over the last several days.

Don’t hang that head in shame or get depressed. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, even if you went a little crazy, there is no reason to feel guilty or depressed.

I don’t feel guilt or shame and I can almost guarantee I put on more weight in a shorter period of time than anyone reading this.  😀

I might be a tad shocked but I am not worried about it. I know I can drop that weight and get back to my low in a couple of weeks max.

You just need to stop the partying and get back to work. Don’t wait until the New Year to get back to work. Hit the diet hard the next several days. Have fun on New Year’s Eve, but then get back to work with the new year.

BUT…. don’t use New Year’s Eve as an excuse to party until the New Year. Work hard up until New Year’s Eve, have some fun, then get back to work.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I just made a cup of tea in hopes of fending off the rumblings in my stomach looking for a cookie or chocolate. Thanks for the tip – I stopped the madness today and ate well, and am back to the gym tomorrow.

  2. I’m up a bit and will be even more over the next week, but that is great advice about getting right back to work. My weigh in next week will likely be very disappointing but it’s just one weigh in. No matter what I will continue to workout and eat better over the long run!

    • Don’t let a bad weigh-in get you down. I’ve grown accustomed to them lately. 😛

      The key is just getting back to work and not stretching a few cheats into a week long binge that ends the whole diet.

      Good luck! 😀

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