Popcorn Time!

The good news is that nobody brought any food for the grazing table. The bad news is that 3pm popcorn time got me. Everyday at 3pm, someone pops up some popcorn and I was starving this afternoon.

I didn’t go crazy and popcorn isn’t very high in calories so I probably didn’t do any damage.

The Wednesday office lunch was called off today so I didn’t have any temptations. It wasn’t actually called off, just moved to Thursday so I am going to have a tough time being good tomorrow.

Weight Statistics


4 days to gain almost 14 pounds and now two days to drop almost 9 pounds. 5 more to go before I get back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight.

I’m about 8 pounds from my low but I won’t come close to that again until after the New Year.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Popcorn, turkey burger

Calories – 1500

Not too bad. I just need to have a few good days in a row to get back  into induction. The popcorn will probably keep me out of induction. I am praying that the lunch tomorrow had some meat and salad so I can stick to Atkins.

Tip Of The Day

Until January 5th, I will be repeating the long list of start-up tips so that any newcomers will be able to see my guide to getting started. I will try to add 1 new tip each day to the list.

1. Check with your doctor. I’m sure the doc will say to get on with it, but first make sure you aren’t constrained  by health issues.

2. Research diets online and pick one that you really think you can stick with. If you are miserable 100% of the time, you will not make it. You need to find a happy medium between losing weight but doing it in a way that doesn’t make you unhappy all the time.

3. Clean out the fridge and pantry of all bad food. THROW IT AWAY! Do not wait until you finish all of the bad food to start the diet. Get rid of it now!

4. Start a food, calorie, weight and exercise journal. You need to be able to see what works and what doesn’t work and a journal will help.

5. Seek online support. It is all over the place on the internet and the best support comes from people going through the same pain in the keister.

6. Weigh yourself at LEAST once a week. I just read some stupid article that said you should not get hung up on the scale. WTH??? You need to be able to gauge your results and the scale is the only way to do it. If your diet isn’t working, you need to know that and you need to make adjustments.

7. Measure everything and read all labels. You need to know the caloric intake to know if you are actually operating on deficit calories.

8. Exercise is fine, BUT DON”T OVER DO IT! We tend to go overboard when we start diets and this leads to burn out. Take things very very very very very very very slowly. I did almost ZERO exercise the first year of my diet and I still lost over 100 pounds.

9. Always have a shopping list and never shop hungry.

10. Use smaller plates when eating.

11. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t rush the diet. Just do the best you can each day and one day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow




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