Grumpy Post

I started the morning grumpy because the stupid scale went up 1.6 pounds. I know almost all of that is water. I only ate about 1900 calories yesterday so that isn’t enough to gain any weight but it still had me pretty grumpy to start the day.

Getting to work didn’t help my mood. They had a GIANT chocolate cake sitting on the grazing table for breakfast.

Then someone dropped off a fresh banana bread. 😛

Some pizzas showed up at lunchtime. My brain was screaming for me to chow down on some pizza. I really wanted to get one for the Saints game on Saturday so sitting next to several pizzas at lunch was aggravating. 😦

3pm popcorn time was supplemented with more chocolate cake and someone dropped off another King Cake. 😛

I survived the day without nibbling but they aren’t making it easy.

Weight Statistics


I’m pretty confident that most of that water abandoned ship today so I expect a drop tomorrow.

BCS Championship

The game has me pretty grumpy too. LSU is making mistakes and looking weak at the moment. My boss is a HUGE Bama fan as are many of the people in the office so things might be ugly tomorrow if LSU doesn’t get something going. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey Burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1550

I should be dancing after surviving the office minefield today but it is hard to do the happy dance when I am so grumpy but……

Tip Of The Day

Don’t use your mood as an excuse to binge.

LSU is doing their best to force me into a poor mood binge but it isn’t going to happen. Don’t use food as a source of comfort. Find other sources of comfort but food isn’t a good option.

Grumpy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man

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  1. What kind of job do you have that giant chocolate cakes show up at things called “grazing tables”? I think it’s imperative I stay out of your line of work. I also hope that wasn’t an actual picture of said chocolate cake, if so, that’s a pretty extreme grazing table. Regardless, I am glad my sad little office only has one temptation, and that’s when my suite mate toasts raisin bread (I love the smell of toast…)

    • They actually call the table the “Free For All” table. 😀

      That isn’t the real cake. The real cake was BIGGER. MUCH BIGGER. It was shaped like a giant dog wearing Alabama colors.

      Mmmmmm……toast does smell awesome. I haven’t had a loaf of bread in my apartment in almost 2 years. 😦

  2. I marvel at all the food you have a work. It seems like an attempt at sabotage for the price weight loss pool. Good will power – pizza is my Achilles heel. Keep it up.

    • Thankfully, there wasn’t much to tempt me today but Wednesday is Free Lunch day so there will be plenty to tempt me. 😦

  3. DID YOU SAY PIZZA??? It is my kryptonite! Your willpower is astounding and it makes me want to scream, “YES I CAN DO THIS!”
    Thanks Grumpy!

    • The pizza really was tough. I almost snapped and ordered one for the Saints game on Saturday but I stopped myself and then BOOM…. darn pizza sitting right in front of me. 😀

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