As If…..

Mondays weren’t bad enough on their own…….

I was 100% no doubt about it positive I was going to be back below 170 this morning…… Instead I’m still stuck up at 171.1. Still 1 pound heavier than Saturday morning, even though I haven’t cheated. 😦

I was already grumpy with LSU & the Saints losing in the same week. A phantom weight gain doesn’t help matters. I’m also a tad grumpy with Gail. Only 2 days from weigh-in #3 and I still don’t have the results from week #2. Get on it Gail! πŸ˜›

On top of that, I couldn’t sleep last night. I counted sheep until about 1am and then woke up around 4am. I am definitely living up to my name today. Full blown Grumpy alert.

Weight Statistics


Yes I dipped a bit but I was hoping the full 2 pound gain from Sunday would disappear. It did not. I’m not feeling good about my chances of building any lead this week. In fact, I have a feeling Gail is going to take a big lead this week. The only good news is that at 129, she can’t keep losing 5 pounds a week.Β 

Grazing Table Update

I figured a cartoon pick would easier to stomach than the real thing. πŸ˜›

The morning started with 6 dozen donuts hanging out on the grazing table. Then at lunch time, someone left half a sausage pizza on the table. By afternoon, 5 dozen donuts were gone, but there were still plenty to go in the last box. 3pm popcorn time hit and I was starving. So I had some popcorn. πŸ˜›

Not much, but who knows what the sodium may or may not do to me tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – none

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, popcorn

Calories – 1600

Tip Of The Day!

It may seem like cheating but for the 3rd day in a row, I will talk about using food in the wrong way. Β First, I told you not to use food as a comfort. Then I told you not to use food as a reward. And to polish off the trilogy, I am telling you not to eat out of spite or anger at the scale.

Believe me, I was very aggravated and frustrated this morning. When I saw the table weighted down by 6 dozen donuts, my angry Monday morning brain wanted to dive head first into one of those boxes of donuts.

What good would that have done? None. Temporary satisfaction followed by a broken scale tomorrow when the damage from the donuts would send the scale even higher.

In summary, don’t use food to temper your mood, be it sad, glad or angry.

I’m just glad nobody brought a king cake this morning. That would have been the last straw. πŸ˜€

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man

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