I was a bit worried yesterday but it turns out I was putting myself under far more pressure than necessary. I was afraid that Gail was going to somehow pull out another 5 pound week but alas she was up a pound when she checked the scale at lunchtime today. Woot!.

Last week’s results were finally in this morning and out of the nine people in the competition, I think 3 or 4 gained weight, a few lost a pound or 2 and Gail dropped 4.8.  I lost 5.6, but Gail is ahead on % weight loss.  If I pull out 2 or 3 pounds tomorrow, I should have a nice lead if Gail’s gain holds until the weigh-in tomorrow.

The good news is that only Gail is smaller than me. All the rest of the guys need to lose more weight than me to beat me on %.  So I have a big lead over everyone but Gail.

I’m back to my Saturday weight which still has me a tad Grumpy because I didn’t cheat and went up.

Weight Statistics


That darn holiday weight is holding on for dear life.

I was at 167 before Christmas and I am still not back to my pre-Christmas weight. Depending on the weigh-in tomorrow, I could be looking at a gain on Thursday because tomorrow is Free Lunch day and I have a feeling this week will be Poboys.  I’m not sure I will be able to resist. 😛

Especially if I have a good lead. If Gail has a good weigh-in then I will need to behave.

If it is poboy day, I might pick some of the meat off the bread and toss it on some salad. That wouldn’t be bad other than the sodium spike.

I once again had  a little popcorn today but not much. Thankfully, the grazing table was empty all day. 😀

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, popcorn

Calories – 1400

I’m still liking the turkey burgers and the chicken but with cooler weather I really would love a nice beef stew. 😦

Not going to happen but I sure would like to toss a stew in the crock pot.

Tip Of The Day

I was going to suggest looking at online menus before going out so you can pick a healthy option but I just did that and I wasn’t looking at healthy option and I am now a raving lunatic of hunger.  😛

Snacks. Make sure you have plenty of healthy option to snack on when dieting. Also, make sure it isn’t a snack you love. If you love it too much you will eat more than the allotted portion.

One bad thing about Atkins and low carb dieting is that it really is hard to find great snack ideas. If I wasn’t low carbing, I could eat plenty of fruit and veggies but I can’t do that on Atkins.

I love cheese too much. If it is good cheese, I eat more than my allotted portion. String cheese bores me almost to the point of preferring hunger.

Nuts are good for Atkins but I love them too much.  I never stick to portions with almonds or any other salty nut.  I do a decent job of sticking to portions with unsalted almonds but just like string cheese, unsalted almonds are boring to the point of not enjoying them.

Wasabi peas are great…..too great. I don’t come close to sticking to the right portion with those. Lately, I’ve just been eating a turkey burger and cheese for a snack which isn’t bad since I skip lunch.

You need to find some decent snacks to keep around and make sure they are ALWAYS around. Don’t use missing snacks as an excuse to head over to get some cheesecake. 😛

If you try tasty snacks, make sure you never keep them near your computer or TV and always divide out the portions ahead of time.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man

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  1. Rooting for you! Watch out for the Poboys tomorrow! 🙂 Thank you for the follow Grumpy, I am honored.

    • You’ve got this, also thanks for the follow 🙂

  2. Love the “not your favorite snack” snack idea… as someone who struggles with portions, it’s a great suggestion. Good luck with the poboys tomorrow… have you considered calling out sick and going for a long ride instead?

    • Ha! Can’t call in sick. It wasn’t poboys but I still ate too much at lunch… I’ll post the details a little later in the blog.

  3. I love nuts salted or unsalted. I am kinda a fiend when it comes to nuts. 😀 Sorry it has been so long. I am back … weak but pack.

    • Some nuts I like with or without salt but I think almonds needs a little kick. I can eat unsalted pecans, cashews and peanuts and like em just as much as salted. My problem is I keep going back to the pantry over and over and over again.

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