Leader Of The Pack…

I took the lead from Gail in the office Biggest Loser competition. She didn’t lose any weight this week and I dropped 3.5 for a two-week total of 9 pounds.

My closest competition other than Gail, is about 4.5 pounds behind me so I was feeling good this morning. Too good. I used the lead as an excuse to dive headfirst into the office lunch.

The lunch started out fine. I grabbed some grilled chicken breast with salad and a tiny tiny tiny bit of Jambalaya. Problem is that darn jambalaya tasted so good, I went back and got a REAL portion……. then another…… 😛

Weight Statistics


Office Weight Statistics Wk 3


I dipped back under 170 on my home scale, but that dip below will probably be short-lived.  Calorie wise, I probably ate around 1750+ calories today but I am sure everything was LOADED with sodium, so I expect a bump up tomorrow.

It would be nice to stick under 170 but it seems that lately, any increase in sodium sends my weight up up and away. 😦

And there is no doubt that the sodium level was pretty high with the jambalaya. The chicken wasn’t heavily seasoned, but the jambalaya had plenty of salt in it.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Grilled chicken, salad, jambalaya

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Calories ~1750

Not a great calorie day but not bad. It would have been MUCH worse had it actually turned out to be poboys on the menu.  At least the grazing table didn’t have any sweets on it. My willpower was a tad low with my big lead in the competition.

Tip Of The Day!

Planned Cheats.

In my opinion they are a very important part of your diet. It is much easier to stick to your diet most of the time, when you know you can have a cheat every now and then.  This doesn’t mean you can go crazy and eat like a raving lunatic cookie monster but it does mean you can have a cheat every once in a while.

You need to immediately get back to work after the cheat. Don’t let one cheat turn into a whole boatload. It can happen if you aren’t vigilant.

Planned cheats are great for your mental state and they also help keep your metabolism moving along. For the first year of my diet, I probably kept the planned cheats to about once every two weeks. Sometimes slightly more and sometimes I went longer without a planned cheat.

They help keep the batteries charged but as I keep saying, you need to get right back to work. Don’t let one night out for dinner turn into several days of uncontrolled eating.

Enjoy yourself from time to time but don’t be a cookie monster! 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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