Almost there…..

I am almost back to my pre-holiday weight. Geez, took me almost 3 weeks to get back down into the 167 range. I still can’t figure out why it has taken me so long to get back to pre-holiday levels. I guess all that tempting food around the office took its toll on me. 😛

I am hoping I can get a little more separation from the pack this week in the Office Biggest Loser competition. I need to have one more 3 pound week and maybe I will break the spirit of my fellow competitors. 😀

Ha! Not nice, I know. 😛

I want to have a big lead before I indulge in my 1 big piece of King Cake.

Weight Statistics


I was bit surprised by the number this morning because I ate too much on both Friday night and Saturday night.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see the number bounce higher tomorrow. Grumpy, but not surprised.  My calorie number is a little bit high today too.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Turkey burger

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger

Calories – 1750

It is going to be a long night because I have already mowed down all of my calories for the day except for 1 piece of chicken and some salad. I need to hold out as long as I can before eating dinner.



Stupid Xbox 360! From time to time I like to play some video games.  I haven’t purchased a game in years but a sequel came out for one of my all time favorite games and I picked it up in mid-November.  I don’t play during the week, but I like to kick back and play some Xbox over the weekend.

Yesterday, I was up bright and early (7:00am) so I headed over to the Xbox and turned it on only to be greeted by……


Microsoft prints cash but they can’t spend the few extra pennies per machine to actually correctly solder the chip to the motherboard inside the Xbox which means after a certain amount of time, the stupid chip comes loose and the system breaks. Oh and they don’t want anyone fiddling around inside the system so they make it so you can’t open the case and attempt to fix anything on your own.

Of course I finally get the red rings of death when the warranty runs out. I think there was probably a class action lawsuit filed over this whole mess but I think I am out of time to turn mine in for a new one. 😛

Stinking Microsoft! That was not the way I wanted to start my Saturday morning out. My computer has also been acting up. Or maybe not. I want to buy a new computer so I think I might be looking for any excuse to toss in the towel on my current dinosaur of a system. It is also possible that after almost 8 years, the system is slowing down.

I almost pulled the trigger this weekend on a new system, but I think I will wait until I see my tax refund and get a better idea if I might win the biggest loser competition. Then I could spend a little bit more.

Grrrrrrr…… and put more money in the coffers controlled by Microsoft. 😛

Tip Of The Day

Exercise!!! And no, the old school vibrating fat loss belt doesn’t work…..

Old School

Retro School

New School

Those things must sell because they have been around forever and they get updated for each new generation. 😛

Usually, I talk about not going overboard and even trying to avoid doing too much too fast when you start a diet, but I haven’t done ANYTHING since I started my job in early December. Zilch!

You do need to SLOWLY work exercise into your life. I need to figure out a way to add some back into my routine. I leave for work at 6:45am and don’t get home until after dark.  There is no way I could wake up earlier and ride the bike then go to work. That would take FAR more motivation than I have.

I might need to break the old exercycle out of storage. Then I could hop on and bike a bit in the comfy confines of my apartment. I need to do something.  Now that I have lost most of the weight I can lose, I need to start getting into some semblance of shape.

You need to add SOME exercise into your routine but not TOO MUCH. Some light walking is a very good way to get started. I hate walking which is why I got the bike last year. Find some way to exercise that you enjoy and you will be successful but don’t go overboard. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man

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  1. I like your advice about not going overboard. I’m trying to not do that… I am forcing myself to slow down and not take things to extremes… that’s what’s killed my efforts in the past.

    And Hello Kitty! hehe ❤

    • Grrr! I had a long answer and accidentally deleted it somehow. 😀

      I did almost no exercise the first 9 months. I started in March 2010 and walked a little bit in July but stopped because of the heat, then started in October but stopped because of cold. I didn’t really get regular exercise until almost 1 full year into the diet.

      In the past, i pushed too hard with the diet and exercise and I ended up getting burned out. So this time I purposely went very slow with exercise until I could handle the pressure of dieting with exercise.

      Now I need to work exercise back into my routine….. at some point…. 😀

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