At least….

This Sunday won’t be my low weight of the week like the last few weeks.

That of course means my dinner last night sent my weight WAY UP! I actually thought I did a good job last night. I went with charbroiled oysters and a blackened chicken Caesar.  I’ve since found out that charbroiled oysters pack an insane calorie punch although I refuse to believe the few sites I have found nutritional information on charbroiled oysters.

They are bathed in butter and cheese so I guess they aren’t exactly low cal but i can’t see 2400 calories for 12.

Weight Statistics


I’m down from Friday but up from my Saturday weight.

Heck had I known the oysters were so loaded with calories I would have had the soup. I was planning to get crawfish and corn bisque but figured the oysters would be lower in calories.

Hopefully the salt won’t send me any higher than my weight this morning. I assume most of my gain this morning was water and it should be gone by Wednesday for the office weigh-in.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast- Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, sargento cheese stick

I avoided any Super Bowl activity so I don’t have to worry about Super Bowl weight gains.

Computer Update


I was supposed to wait until Saturday to put the whole thing together so my step-dad could watch, but I couldn’t force myself to wait.

I opened everything up and went at it Friday night. The only scary moment was installing the CPU on the motherboard. When you close the latch you need to push down harder than you think. I was afraid to put that much pressure on the board. I jumped on youtube and looked a video of some kid installing a CPU and the kid said “you will need to use more pressure than you think.”

That made me comfortable enough to walk over to the motherboard and easily close the latch. From that point it was pretty easy without any real problems.

Windows 7 loaded with no problems at all. Everything works great any my computer is now fast and can handle movies and games at the same time with my dual monitor setup. Heck, if I had more room, I could have a trio of monitors. One for games, one for netflix and one for reading. 😀

Wow! Look how snazzy that would look. Alas my computer desk could not hold 3. I currently have a 21.5 inch LCD and an old 17 inch CRT monitor. My plan is to grab a 27 inch LCD if I win the biggest loser comp. I need to keep the pressure on Gail. It will be interesting to see how Mr. National Guard did this weekend with the Super Bowl. He likes to have a few beers while watching his sports.

I had a blast putting the system together and I will from hence forth only build my own system. Way more bang for your bucks. Great job again by NewEgg.

Tip Of The Day

Sometimes you need to Hermit!

No not that kind of hermit!

No! That is Herman not Hermit!

Bingo! Sometimes you have to be a Hermit and avoid social activities where you won’t be able to manage the temptations.

I already had a higher than normal calorie night last night, so I avoided any Super Bowl activities today. There will be some activities that you will be better served to skip.  Not all of the time, but if you have already had a tough week with the diet, compounding that with a party is not a good choice.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man!



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