Not good news on the weight front. I wasn’t in any mood to post yesterday and that mood was even worse this morning when I stepped on the scale to see a number higher than last week. The pattern continues. It looks like I am having a good week and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I gain weight for no reason.

Weight Statistics


I was almost 1.2 pounds higher than last week.

I was not in a happy mood!

Yup! I cracked. Today was free lunch Wednesday and it was the worst high calorie meal on the menu. It was poboys with gumbo. I dove in head first and didn’t stop until they wheeled me with a fork lift back to my desk.

Today’s Menu

A giant heaping pile of food!

Calories – 11,000,000,000

I tried eating some fruit for breakfast to keep from going overboard at lunch but that didn’t stop me. Plenty of gumbo with rice with meatball poboys and salad. I haven’t eaten that much since Christmas. I can’t wait to see the scale tomorrow but given the insane amount of sodium I figure I will be up 3.4 pounds. Not sure how I will get back down for the weigh-in next week.

About the only good news is that Mr. National Guard was also up 2 pounds. Gail was absent today but I expect her to keep coasting along. I never see her eat anything but salad. I’ve dug myself a deep hole this week. I’m going to have to do more than behave. I think I am going to have to break the bike out of cold storage.

Exercise needs to be added back into the equation if I have any shot of catching Gail in the next 6 weeks. The weekend is not looking good for bike riding but if it doesn’t rain, I think I might try to get at least 1 ten-mile ride done this weekend. Then the following week I will try a 20 mile ride.

Tip Of The Day

Shrug off the bad days. The scale is going to be quite rude to me tomorrow, but I’m already over it. 😛

I already used the bad scale reading today as an excuse to go crazy. I’m going to shrug off the Insanity and get back to work tomorrow. Walmart isn’t helping matters. They were out of chicken.

Yeah. I was confused too. How can they be out of chicken? Makes me think there was a recall or something tested positive for a creepy crawly because I have no other explanation for them being out of chicken. No they  weren’t out of all chicken, but they were totally out of several types which I have never seen happen before.

Speaking of creepy crawlies. Thank me NOW! What for? Because I chose not to post the picture of a sack of spiders hatching that someone posted on another site a few minutes ago. 😛

I’m not sure how my menu is going to work out. I bought red beans and sausage to replace the chicken but that will kick me out of ketosis for the entire time, so I think I will hold off on the beans until after the contest. I think the latest debacle was caused by me eating too many carbs and gaining water weight from leaving ketosis.

Back to the tip, don’t beat yourself up over a bad day. Shrug it off and get back to work. If you stress out over it, that stress will push you to make bad eating choices. Just laugh it off and get back at it.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




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