Blast Off!

Pick a number and double it. That is how much I gained today after the Poboy and Gumbo debacle yesterday. 😛

I looked down at the scale and……


Super Face Palm! 5 pounds!!! I couldn’t believe it. I reset the scale and tried again. Still 5 pounds. I am now 6 pounds up from the weigh-in LAST WEEK!

The only good news is that Mr National Guard is up 5 and Gail only lost .6 this week. BUT….. that means I need to lose 6 just to get back within range. Hopefully most of that is water but I did eat A LOT of poboys and gumbo. 😦

Weight Statistics


To The Moon Alice

That is how high my weight bounced. Just about to the moon. Definitely past orbit.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Chicken and salad

Snack – Cheese stick

Calories – 1,000

Low calorie day. I didn’t plan that but I didn’t get home until just a few minutes ago. I avoided fruit today. The fruit experiment is over. Once the competition is over, I look forward to eating the free fruit at the office, but once again, I can’t handle carbs without SHOOTING up like a bottle rocket.

I need to hit Atkins hard and stick to it. No more eating the Wednesday free lunch until the competition is over.

The Bike

I don’t like running, so it is time to break the bike out of storage. The chance of rain is supposed to be around 100% on Saturday but I will hit the levee NO MATTER WHAT on Sunday.

Tip Of The Day

Accountability is very important.

I started this little blog a year ago to keep the weight OFF and it has worked. Knowing that I have to come here and display my dirty laundry helps keep me on the straight and narrow path…. MOST of the time. 😛

You need to weigh yourself at MINIMUM once a week but I recommend daily. You need to keep a food journal using Starting a blog can be good but just understand up front you aren’t going to have a million visitors like the chick from that Julia Child movie. You need to tell every person on the planet that you are on a diet so they give you the stink eye when you reach for a donut.

Accountability can keep you from heading to Taco Bell. Maybe not every time, but it has stopped me on more than one occasion in the last year.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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