Rocket Man!

Just once I would love to over indulge a bit without my weight SHOOTING UP TO THE MOON. The Seafood Feast debacle sent my weight up 4 pounds yesterday. I really wasn’t expecting 4. I was hoping for a 2 but my scale refused to give me a 2. I’d like to attach my scale to that rocket!

Yesterday’s Weight


The fried seafood and pasta had a PILE of salt in it. I knew I was going to bounce higher but I just wasn’t expecting a four pound bounce.

That is a big pile of salt. I think about 42% of that was in my lunch on Wednesday! 😀

Yesterday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – 2 pears and an orange

Dinner – Turkey burgers with cheese

Snacks – Jimmy dean sausage patties

Calories – 1450

I cracked around 2pm and went cookie monster on the fruit basket. That was certainly better than the alternative. Someone left some pizza on the Grazing Table and then someone left about 200 finger sandwiches on the grazing table. Those looked really good and I was starving.

So I grabbed a pear, then another pear then an orange. Not very Atkins friendly but better than eating 20 roast beef finger sandwiches which is what I wanted to do. That pizza looked really good too!

Now the good news!

Weight Statistics


I dropped about 1.7 pounds this morning. Hopefully the rest will fall off fast once I get back into Ketosis. That is the tricky part. Getting back into Ketosis because I have a family lunch tomorrow and I might be going out to dinner tomorrow night. I steered by Dad to make hamburgers so I can avoid a bad meal there by just eating the meat with no bun but I am not sure my willpower is strong enough for a safe healthy dinner out. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – (going to be running errands all day so probably nothing)

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Cheese sticks

Calories- 1400

I’m off to Wal-Mart in a little bit. They better have chicken this time. 😛

If they don’t I will bust out the Arrested Development chicken dance and cause a commotion!

Tip Of The Day!

Lots of people lately have been asking me about maintenance and how I will keep the weight off after using the “fad atkins diet.”

I think after almost 2 years and 150 pounds dropped and kept off, we can stop calling my diet a “fad.” And I’ve pretty much been in maintenance for almost a year. I really haven’t lost much weight the last 9 months.

But…. to answer the question the absolute MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO MAINTENANCE IS………………..

No! Those aren't my feet!

When people hide the scale away, the diet is over and the weight will start to come back and stay back. Stepping on that scale every single day for the rest of my life will keep me within range on my goal weight. The second I stop weighing myself, is the second I am tossing in the towel and heading right back to my old size.

As long as you keep getting on that scale, you will keep adjusting your eating habits to at least steer yourself toward your goal weight. Once you stick the scale back under the bed or in the bathroom closet, IT IS OVER!

So the main tip for maintenance is to continue to weigh yourself. I am a firm believer of DAILY, although many argue weekly is fine. I am not one of them. 😛

And you need to set a PANIC WEIGHT!

The second you get over that Panic Weight, you need to get back to hardcore dieting. If I ever get and stick to 165, my panic weight will be 175. Anything over that and I can’t cheat or have any fun until I am back under 170.

Happy Dieting & Have A Great Weekend




The Grumpy Man


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  1. you made me hungry. I have already eaten 1200 calories and my day is no where near over and I am FRIGGEN STARVIN! Just saying. That is what weight lifting does to me. Bad thing is I am swelling and it isn’t what I ate — WEIRD!

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