I’ve had a decent weekend so far. I just need to get through 3 more days without cheating and I should be down this week. I’m once again praying the Sunday low pattern doesn’t ┬árear its ugly head again. I really need to behave.

Weight Statistics


3 pounds from my all time low. It would be nice to hit that low again. I need to remain in 100% Full Hermit Mode until my Birthday on the 7th.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Pepper Jack

Calories – 1250

I need to avoid the Wednesday lunch this week no matter what.

No poboys for me this week. ­čśÇ

I know I said it last week, but I am NOT going to touch any office food this week. Nope. We are down to the nitty-gritty in the office contest. A little over 4 weeks to go and I am going to bring my “A” game. ┬áThe hard part will be navigating my birthday

I need to put on my war face for the rest of the competition.

Tip Of The Day!

Atkins isn’t for everyone. Personally,I think it should be but 50 years of the government┬ápropaganda┬áabout fat being the Absolute Evil keeps many people from being willing to give it a try. Plus, to get the full benefit of Atkins, you have to strictly adhere to the diet. If you eat too many carbs along with all of that fat, then of course your blood work and health indicators will change for the worse.

I don’t push Atkins, because each of you needs to find a diet that works best for you. You need to find the right group of foods that you can stick to until you reach your goal. In my case, I found Atkins to be the easiest diet to stick to long-term. I still cheat from time to time, but I have been pretty good about sticking around induction. You are really only supposed to stay in induction for about 6 months but I have been in an out so many time, I have no idea how long I have been on it.

You need to find a diet with a LIMITED number of calories that is somewhat satisfying enough that you can stick with it, without feeling miserable. If you are miserable, then there isn’t a high probability your diet will be a success. I spent most of my diet around 1200 calories, which is pretty low but most of you should be eating no more than 1500 to 1700 if you want to actually lose weight in a reasonable time frame. ┬áThat number can shift up or down depending on how much exercise you do.

Find a diet you can stick to and don’t pay attention when the knuckleheads tell you that you are doing it all wrong. Well, unless you are on the junk food diet. That is wrong. ­čśŤ



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