Here We Go Again!

Every week, I think I am having a good week and then I have a phantom increase which makes me feel just like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the ball away. Aaugh, indeed!

I was expecting to break under 165 today. Instead, I sit here at 166. 166! I only had about 1250 calories yesterday and I gained half a pound.

Weight Statistics


That weight bump up really has me in a foul temper this morning.


Tip Of The Day!

Don’t use the irrational logic that “you might as well eat what you want” because the scale is moving in the wrong direction even though you are doing everything right. You will have these thoughts from time to time and you need to toss them out with the trash.

My sodium experiment could have caused a shift although I don’t think that is it because I’ve been eating a portion of jalapenos for about 5 days now. I did have a pile of coffee yesterday. Maybe all of the splenda (1 carb), plus the popcorn, plus my normal carb intake was too much and I bumped out of Ketosis. Doubtful.

I guess after shifting 5 pounds of water off, my body decided to hang onto some extra water yesterday.

Think about your weight gain rationally (not always possible) and try to analyze why you gained weight. Don’t just wave your fist at God and then dive head first into the nearest cake. Sometimes, there really won’t be an apparent reason for the gain. Your body just hangs on to extra water from time to time.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – NOTHING – I need to keep my hands away from the popcorn!

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – None

Calories – Under 1200

I need to stick to that menu plan today. It is crunch time. If the weigh-in was today, Gail would kick my butt!

See you tomorrow, Happy Dieting




The Grumpy Man

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