The good news…..

Is that I dropped to 164.7 on the home scale and 167.2 at work which was about a 1.5 pound loss at work.

The bad news is that I couldn’t keep away from the free lunch and then later in the afternoon some popcorn.

Weight Statistics


Office Statistics


Gail has been on vacation all week so I don’t know how she is doing. Her daughter gets married on Saturday so she will be BLOWING up the diet this weekend.  Unless Gail had a horrible week, she is probably still in first but I won’t know if she takes the whole week off. Next week, it will be interesting to see how much Gail gains with the wedding.

Mr. National Guard had a tough week and gained a slight bit so he dropped from second to third. My old nemesis attacked him…..

He loaded up on Taco Bell, Monday night. That really doesn’t look appetizing. I would still destroy some Taco Bell if not for the competition. It has been over two months since my last Taco Bell disaster.

I’m sure I will be up tomorrow but it WILL NOT BE 4 or 5 pounds like the last several weeks. The lunch was baked chicken and hamburger steak. My calorie count wasn’t horrible but the sodium bug will hit me tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Baked chicken breast, small hamburger steak and salad

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Cheese stick

Calories -1600

Oh yeah! Rant time.

I ordered a case for my new nook tablet. It was in stock and supposed to ship on Monday. Tuesday morning I get an email telling me it is out of stock and should be shipped by March 5th. I try to cancel the order but items that are SUPPOSED to ship in 2 days can’t be cancelled. Huh! Even if they run out of stock and can’t be shipped, they still can’t be cancelled or so I was told by Barnes & Noble.

I checked my email a little while ago and I had an email from Barnes & Noble. They somehow were able to cancel the order. Oh, they also sent an email confirming that they had shipped the order and gave me a tracking number. What the???

Is it cancelled or on the way? The tracking number doesn’t show anything at the moment but that is normal for an item that has just been shipped. I guess you will have to wait to see what happens next. Oh, the guy that told me the order couldn’t be cancelled, told me he would switch the shipping to next day. The email with the tracking number shows it was shipped standard.  😛

Fantastic  job so far B&N!

I do love the nook tablet. If you are an avid reader, you need to get a tablet NOW! Just might want to think about Amazon over B&N. If I get my nook case in the PROMISED time, I might rethink that.

Tip Of The Day!

You MUST MUST MUST track you calories.

A coworker is doing the 17 day diet but she isn’t tracking her calories, carbs or food in any way known to man. I’ve tried to encourage her to track her food. She might be eating way too many carbs or calories for the diet to work but there is no way to know for sure because she isn’t tracking her calorie or carb count.

Keep a food journal. I use Great little site. I wish I had been using it the whole time. Unfortunately, I have over a year of data on a site I can no longer access. I think they run their server on an old Atari 2600.

Tracking your calories is very important and if you are on a low carb diet, of course you need to count carbs.

Start a food journal!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Grumpy Man



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