Alien Mind Control!

The only explanation for the disastrous last 4 days. I was just 1 pound away from my low point and then I gained 1 pound Thursday, 1 pound Friday and 2 pounds Saturday. I refuse to even look this morning which is a violation of my scale code.

Okay back, I looked. I didn’t add to the total but I am sure I turned some of the water weight into solid fat gains yesterday.

I am definitely the cat who ate the canary although I think I am more like the cat who walked into a pet shop and ate ALL of the birds.

Friday, the donuts finally got to me. Then I picked up chicken fajitas on the way home from work along with some ice cream. I did fine most of Saturday until about 9pm when the alien mind control once again took over and sent me off to Taco Bell for the first time in 2012.

I destroyed my shot at the office title. No way I can lose all of the gains this week and then even more to keep up with Gail and Mr. National Guard. I’ll keep trying but I think it is a 2 person race between Gail and Mark at this point unless she went start raving lunatic cookie monster mad at her daughter’s wedding.

Weight Statistics


The even worse news is that I could keep gaining weight for another day or two with the massive sodium influx. 😛

Oh well, back to work.

Tip Of The Day!

On a long-term diet, you are going to have a few mental lapses like the one I experienced the last few days. The key is to not let it shame spiral you to the point you just quit. You really do need to just laugh it off and get back to work.

 I wonder if gold foil would have protected me better than tin foil from the alien mind control?

Don’t beat yourself up over a bad string of days as long as you GET BACK TO WORK! That is the key. Get back to work. The longer you wait to restart the diet, the bigger than chance becomes that you won’t restart.

I say that, but I am not looking forward to the weigh-in on Wednesday. I have a feeling I might be the worst loser for the week! Aughh!

I’ve already told everyone that my birthday is on hold until the end of the competition. I want to have a final 24 flawless days and at that point my diet is OVER. That will be a little over 2 years of dieting. I of course will still be in Maintenance forever but I won’t stress out as much over bumps in the road.

Time to dig deep and have 24 flawless days!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Great pics. Your cat looks like he’s thinking of ways to get you back for making him wear silver foil on his head.

  2. PS As you say one day at a time. I hope tomorrow we both get back in the zone and keep the aliens at bay/

  3. 24 days! Ok, go, go, go. I have 2 weeks left of complete optifast meals, then 4-8 more weeks of transition. Such a hard period right now – so ill join you in your 24 perfect days goal. Go!

    • Good luck. I have seen some people do some GREAT things with Optifast.

      I passed my first test in my final flawless 24 days. I was able to pass on the free lunch today. 😀

  4. Good job! I failed a few times last week but managed to pick myself back up again over the weekend & I feel SO MUCH BETTER (physically and mentally).
    I do hate passing up free food – so I know that was a tough one. Good job!

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