Looks like the winner of the competition might be Mr. National Guard. He claims he has dropped almost 10 pounds in the last week and I am still up 5!!! 15 pound difference!!!

Unless I chop off a limb, I will probably be the worst loser this week which means I will need to add $5.00 to pool. Insult to injury. 😛

Weight Statistics


I had a decent Sunday and a better Monday. Even with zero chance of winning I am going to keep going at it hard to try to get to 159 by March 28th, because once I hit that date, the diet is OVER!!!!

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken and salad

Snack – Cheese stick

Calories – 1000

Hmmmm, if Mark really does drop 10 this week then my cheats on Friday and Saturday don’t matter because there is no way I can compete with him if he is off at training school. I’m leery of his claim. It is on a different scale and in different clothes. I won’t know for sure until he comes back in two weeks.

I’m still craving carbs like crazy. It was very hard to keep from diving into the fruit basket this morning. I should be back in Ketosis tomorrow (if not already) so the carb cravings should alleviate.

Tip Of The Day!

I thought of a great tip on the way home from work. Then it jumped out of my head and I have NO CLUE what it was…..

So instead of the brilliant tip which definitely would have helped you change your life, you get this one.

Beware hidden carbs. Especially coffee drinkers.

If you are low carbing, you need to be careful if you drink lots of coffee. Those packets of sugar substitutes have carbs even though they show 0 on the package. If under 1gram, they can claim 0.

I had lots of coffee today and probably 8 packets of splenda. That is almost 10 carbs! 10 carbs could be enough to knock you out of ketosis in you are already close to the line.

Sugarless gum is another hidden carb offender.

You may think you are doing a great job of low carbing only to be sabotaging yourself with too many hidden carbs.

Just remember sugarless doesn’t necessarily mean “carbless.”

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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