Up….down…….up…….down……up…….down……up.. How annoying!!!

I had a feeling I would be up a bit today because I know the low on Saturday was aided by a stomach illness Friday night. I had a feeling I was probably a touch dehydrated and thus I would hang on to a larger percentage of the liquid I drank on Saturday. Having said that, I am still pretty darn grumpy about the scale moving up. At least I hung onto the 163s which is what I wanted. First back to back days in the 163 range since I started.

Weight Statistics


I had my first 100% perfect weekend in a long long long  long time. I did eat a little more tonight than I wanted to but I don’t think I had too many calories. I do think the pulled pork might be loaded with sodium so the sodium bomb could go off on me tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Turkey burger with cheese

Dinner – 3 deviled eggs and some pulled pork

Calories – 1200 -1500

Not sure on the calories. I picked at  the pulled pork platter a little before diving in for dinner so I am not really sure how much I ate. I’m not hungry which means I probably ate a little too much. 😛

I feel a grumplosion coming on to start the week because I am not going to be happy if I move up to 164 tomorrow. Darn 24 hour stomach flu. I wish it had lasted another 48 hours. 😛

I avoided the chips and dips tonight and the cake. Oh man! I wanted to grab the cake and run out of the house.

Normally cake doesn’t tempt me too much but those darn doberge cakes do tempt me. I seriously considered a grab and run. In the end, my brain listened to the angel on my shoulder and not the devil.

PLEASE, Mr. scale. PLEASE be nice tomorrow! Ugh! I am really thirsty. The sodium bomb is already unleashing its wrath on me. 😦

Tip Of The Day!

A simple tip that I need to pick up again.

When at the mall. Walk around a few times before hitting the stores. When at Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot or any big store, do a few laps before buying what you came for. Just avoid the aisles with candy or cakes. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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