I’ve had 9 straight good / great days yet my scale still felt the urge to hit me with……

a stupid phantom weight gain. I am now back over 164 with no real reason. I’m back to the aggravating pattern of gaining phantom weight after a great Sunday weigh-in. I don’t get it. Meanwhile Gail continues to drop weight like she is on a desert island.

1350 calories and low sodium yesterday but I gained weight! Gail really has done a fantastic job. I think it is time for me to prepare my concession speech.

Weight Statistics


I really need to buckle down the last few weeks. I am going to have to lower the calories and really push hard. Not sure it will do any good with the incredible shrinking woman slowly shrinking out of sight.

I haven’t seen Gail eat anything but salad since the competition started. It appears she has no Achilles’ heel.

Maybe I should start leaving chocolate on her desk. Wait, that won’t work, she gave away her Valentine’s Day candy. Yup. No Achilles’ heel for Gail. I just need to somehow lose more than her.

Tip Of The Day!

Irrational Eating!

First thought in my brain after weighing this morning was that If I was going to gain weight, I might as well have fun doing it. 😛

You need to pause and think on the insanity of eating to get back at a mean scale. 😀

After a few minutes of cooling down, the rational section of my brain regained control and I decided to redouble my efforts. No irrational binge eating. I do not see taco bell in my near future.

Tomorrow will bring challenges with the “Free Lunch” but I should be able to keep the rational side of my brain on cruise control. Well, unless the scale moves up again tomorrow, then all bets are off.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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