No Mas!

Roberto Duran gave up and spoke “no mas (no more)” to Sugar Ray Leonard in their 1980 bout.

Gail once again had an insanely awesome week. She dropped about 2.5 pounds.

I thought I had a chance to make up some ground on her but then she drops another 2.5 pounds. I had a good day too. I hit a new low of 162.5, but that just wasn’t good enough. Gail now has about a 1.2% lead on me with only 14 days to go. No mas! It appears it will be impossible to catch her.

I guess the good news is that I have two weeks to bust under 160 which I should be able to do if I don’t cheat.

Weight Statistics


I’m prepared for full GrumpCon 1 tomorrow. I know the big loss today will bounce up tomorrow. I am sure a chunk of the loss was water fluctuation so it might sneak back on tomorrow.:P

My estimate is I will bounce back to 163.4. 😦

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese, Turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1400

OMG! The free lunch today was fried chicken with mac and  cheese and garlic bread. Oh and some dirty rice with BBQ chicken. I was so hungry I wanted to gnaw my leg off

but I held strong even though I have ZERO chance of catching Gail. I really could have gone to town on the mac and cheese.

I requested that the meal on the 28th be the most decadent fattening meal possible and I was told I could pick the menu for the day. I might go with the poboys and gumbo or the fried seafood meal.  It will probably be one of those two.

Tip Of The Day!

This tip comes courtesy of  Dr. Oz.

Eat spicy food for breakfast.

“When you eat spicy foods for breakfast, it reduces your appetite at lunch,” says Dr. Oz. It’s thought that spicy peppers (habanero, poblano, even red pepper sauce or red pepper flakes) affect the satiety center in your brain so you’re not as hungry later on. “It’s a big, robust taste that’s satiating,” says Dr. Oz. His meal suggestion: Slice hot red peppers into an omelet, or include them in a breakfast wrap.

 I’ve done this since day one but not to reduce hunger. I ate spicy food to induce water drinking. I hated drinking water when I started the diet so I would eat super spicy food to make it easy to drink lots of water.

I’ve used more ground red pepper in 2 years than most of you will eat in your lifetime. Not to mention lots of hot sauce and sriracha. I also ate a zillion jalapenos but I stopped eating those to work on my blood pressure. Now that my blood pressure is lower, I have started using jalapenos again.

 Who knew all that spicy food was also helping my hunger.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I probably should mind my own business but skipping meals doesn’t help you to lose or have any consistency. Also drink you water!
    I was not drinking water before my weigh-ins and they told me if I drank it normally I would show a better loss. I did & it did. I don’t have excess but I do not try to trick the scales anymore. Eat your breakfast and weigh in. You will probably do better! You can win, I know it!

    • Actually that is not entirely true. Studies have shown a 24 hour fast followed by normal eating can have positive health effects including better insulin regulation and losing weight.

      I mainly skipped breakfast because today was the weekly weigh-in and I can’t eat and drink anything right before I get on the scale.

      I don’t fast often, but thought a 24 hour fast might kickstart things and I did drop from 164.2 to 162.5 but I expect to gain some of that back tomorrow. I think a 24 hour fast doesn’t do much more than flush the system of sodium thus I lost the weight gain from Sunday which was sodium but as I said, I will put some of it back on tomorrow.

      And as I said, I only skipped breakfast because of the weigh-in.

      I still haven’t figured out lunch with the new job. However, in 2 years of non stop dieting, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in skipping meals or eating several meals. I tend to think the whole eating more to keep the metabolism moving is overrated.

      For me, I am more hungry at night than in the afternoon. If I eat lunch, I will still crave the exact same nightly calories so I find it better to have a small or no lunch and then a normal dinner.

      Oh and I have dropped over 20 pounds since Jan 1, so skipping lunch hasn’t hurt. 😀

    • Oh and everyone is a bit different and things can work or fail for different people. I just speak about worked for me. 😀

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