More Good News / Bad News

The good news is that I hit an all time low this morning of 161.7. Just 1.8 pounds from my final final final goal. Yay me!

Bad News Part 1

Gail lost 3 pounds this week.  She has won the contest. I crunched the numbers after her weigh-in and even if I fasted for a solid week, I still wouldn’t pass her. She really has been a dieting machine the last 3 weeks.  I dropped 1.2 from last week but I would have to lose 6 pounds to pass her weigh-in from this week and she will probably continue to shrink even more next week. I sent her a concession email  and told her what a fantastic job she had done mopping the floor with her competitors.

Bad New Part 2

I went downtown on the lunch today. I thought about it and there was simply no way I could catch Gail. Not if I starved. Not if I loaded up on Senna Tea and starved. Not if I starved while drinking senna tea and running a 7 day marathon….okay maybe a 7 day marathon might pull me out the win, but other than that, there simply was no way to catch her. So I conceded and went ballistic on the lunch today.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – Veal Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, Daube, Roast Beef Poboy, Ham Poboy, Italian Salad

Dinner – Orange, Pear, Salad

Calories – Roughly Eleventy Billion.

I wish there was a dessert. I have been craving something sweet and it is taking ALL of my willpower to keep from hitting the Winn Dixie for a tasty treat. `

I’ve really been cutting down on the sodium lately so I imagine the sodium spike plus the real fat gain will send the scale rocketing to the moon tomorrow…..

 I really might spike up 5 pounds. It appears my goal of hitting 159 by next Wednesday is now out of the realm of the possible. I refuse to give up until I hit 159 but It might take another month because I have several cheats in the near future. The last weekend of March I will be celebrating my postponed birthday with lunch and dinner so It might be April before I hit my goal. Oh well. A few more weeks won’t kill me. 😛

Weight Statistics


Poor 161. Only lasted a few hours. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get back but it might. 😛

Tip Of The Day

Don’t compound one mistake with another!

I was actually putting on some clothes to go buy ice cream when I regained control of my brain…..without the aid of my alien mind control helmet….

My brain used the old “well, you already slipped so you might as well get some ice cream to finish off the debacle” argument. Not a rational argument but one I am sure many of you are quite well versed in.

Don’t do it. Don’t make a small gain into a giant gain. Put the foot down on the brake before the car goes out of control…..

 It is very easy for your diet to spin out of control so keep those cheats to one event. Don’t make the damage worse than it already is. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I do that whole “well I already screwed up this day, might as well enjoy it” thing in my head too!

    • We all do that. Sometimes I am able to pull back from the brink and sometimes I don’t. 😀

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