So Close……….

Weight Statistics


.8 from my final destination but tomorrow is free lunch Wednesday and I am going to lunch this weekend to make up for my delayed birthday celebration. I need to hit the number tomorrow or it might be a few weeks before I finally get below 160. 😛

I don’t think I have a chance of getting there tomorrow. I think I was a touch dehydrated today which led to the new low this morning. I feel a bounce up tomorrow even though I had a flawless day today.

I’m giving it my all to reach my final destination tomorrow. I had a larger than normal breakfast and a 24 hour fast. I won’t eat again until after the weigh-in tomorrow.

I am ready to bust out my Carlton dance to celebrate if I somehow hit 159.9!

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – 2 turkey burgers and cheese

Lunch – Nope

Dinner – Nope

Snack – Nope

Calories – 520

Nothing wrong with a 24 hour fast even though some of you think there is. 😛

Plus, I don’t really suggest fasting as a normal diet tool unless plateaued for a long time. I’m just hoping the fast helps push me under 160 so I can celebrate the end of the diet and the beginning of true maintenance.

Plus, I am trying to keep my lead on Mr. National Guard. The contest ends tomorrow and Gail will win. She really crushed me the last 3 weeks. Even though I have no chance to beat her, I don’t want to hear it from Mr. National Guard that he beat me. I need to have a good weigh-in tomorrow to stay ahead of him. He once again claims to have lost about 7 pounds this week. We shall see tomorrow. I am glad the competition is over.

Tip Of The Day

This is for those of you in the middle of the journey.

At some point we all run out of steam. That is why about 98.2% of people who diet, fail long-term. Yes, I just made that number up, but I am sure it is pretty close to the truth. Most people give up at some point.

Those pictures you took at the beginning of the diet are super important. You need to put them somewhere you can see them when you need that extra kick in the pants. You need to see your progress.  That can keep you moving in the right direction.

I really didn’t have many BEFORE pictures, but when I needed some extra motivation, I would climb into my jumbo super huge suit.

If you are just starting out, make sure you have plenty of before pictures. They will be an inspiration both to you and to other people who can track your progress and see what is possible. 😀

Happy Dieting, See you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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