I wasn’t able to get below 160. My 24 hour fast didn’t do much this time. I was probably right yesterday when I said my Tuesday low was probably aided by some dehydration. I dropped a little bit today but I did not see the 159 which would signal the end of the diet. I think I probably gained some hydration back and then lost a little again with the fast.

Weight Statistics


ย Even though I didn’t see a 159 on my home scale I do think I might have dropped below 160 because around 9am, there were some stomach issues at work. I have no doubt I temporarily dropped below 160. A scene from Dumb & Dumber comes to mind. You know the scene. Ewwww!

I won’t see anything close to 160 tomorrow. I am sure I will have my normal 3 pound Thursday gain. ๐Ÿ˜›

I started out chowing down on lots of fruit for breakfast and it was fantastic. I had a banana, a couple of pears and a plum. Yum! Later in the afternoon I had another pear and an orange. That wouldn’t have been too bad if I had stopped there……

But I snapped at the office lunch and went a little crazy……

That was me running for the “Grazing Table” over and over and over. It was poboys with gumbo day. Yum, Yum and Ouch! I ate too much. I still need to train my brain to enjoy treats without having to be carted out of the office in a wheelbarrow.

The Verdict

All Hail Gail, Queen of weight loss!!!

She crushed us. She dropped another 2.5 in the final week. Not only did she win with the best percentage loss but she also took the total weight loss crown too. She dropped 19.6 pounds and yes I was able to hold onto second place with a drop of 18.6 pounds since January. Mr. National Guard realized he couldn’t win and snapped last night and gained 5 pounds today.

Ha!. I know not nice but with all his trash talk it was funny he went out with the biggest gain ever. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Now that the competition is over, I can stop trash talking with him and give him some friendly tips and advice.

With the competition over, I broke one of my Cardinal Rules and celebrated with 800 poboys. You should never celebrate with food but the “Grazing Table” was loaded and the competition was over so I went……

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Fruit Medley

Lunch – Caesar salad with 1/3 meatball poboy, 1/3 hot sausage poboy and 1/3 ham cheese and roast beef with gravy poboy.

Dinner – Broiled chicken with salad

Snack – More Fruit


My computer starts smoking and beeping when I try to add up all of the caloric information.

I will behave Thursday and Friday but Saturday will be bad. I will be lucky to get back to 160.5 by next Wednesday. Maybe with a few cheats under my belt I will be able to skip the Wednesday lunch (unless it is the seafood lunch). ๐Ÿ˜€

No Tip Today!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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